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When people come and live in Thailand one of the things that is often neglected is medical insurance. In their home country they are so used to rolling up at their doctor or hospital and not having to pay anything out of their own pocket

Thailand is different. If you do not have medical insurance you will have to pay for treatment out of your own pocket. If you have neither any treatment needed will be withheld. The situation has got so bad the several of the Embassies have issued warnings about people being underinsured or not insured. I quote from the British Embassy warning of 1st February 2016: “Based on British Embassy figures in 2015, more than 80% of British residents in Thailand over the age of 51 who received consular assistance after being hospitalised did not have medical insurance, despite the relatively common need for medical care”

Layla Slater MBE, HM Consul to Thailand said: “ Thailand is one of the top tourist and retirement destinations. Medical treatment can cost thousands of pounds and returning home may not be an option for everyone.. In many cases there will be a direct financial impact on family and friends. The British Embassy endeavours to work with charitable organisations and do everything we can to help people, but we cannot pay medical bills or fly people home. That is why we encourage people to make provision for their health and medical needs when choosing to live abroad, as it is the most reliable way to ensure that costs are covered”

Whatever nationality you are it is essential that you have medical insurance. Unfortunately many people think “It will never happen to me”. However it does to a surprisingly high number of people. I have known of instances where treatment has cost over $100000. It is quite common if someone has been in an accident for the total cost to exceed $50000. When you consider that Thailand has the second highest death rates on the roads in the world and there are uninsured drivers everywhere accidents are a very common occurrence.

You can obtain local medical insurance that can work out relatively cost effective or you might want to choose full international cover which costs more but has more extensive cover.

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