I’ve lived in Pattaya for more than 10 years but never…BEEN TO BANGKOK FOR A CONCERT

I’ve lived in Pattaya for more than 10 years but never…BEEN TO BANGKOK FOR A CONCERT

In a new series of articles we look at what is here, or literally on our doorstep, that we have yet to see or do. In February we decided that a visit to Angkor Wat was an absolute must and last month we went 52 floors up in the Pattaya Park Tower to dine at their Panorama Revolving Restaurant. If you didn’t manage to read either of these, they are still available to view online at pattayatrader.com.

This month we decided to head to the Big Mango to see a real living legend. Mr Tom Jones “The Welsh Wonder”in concert. At the tender age of 83 (he will be 84 in June) this amazing entertainer has enjoyed a career spanning over six decades and sold over 100 million records. Years ago I also enviously watched when he played one of the stages at Glastonbury so finding out that he would be coming to Thailand presented an opportunity too great to miss.

Some naysayers had asked why I would risk going to see such an elderly performer? After all, just a couple of weeks before, Rod Stewart had cried off citing “unforeseen circumstances” as the reason for disappointing his fans in Bangkok, KL and Manila. Perhaps, infirmity in our hot climate? Perhaps disappointing ticket sales? After all, filling the Impact arena may not have been as easy for Rod as it was for Coldplay? Or perhaps, as Singapore was left as a tour date Rod might have been “pulling a Swift”? But not Tom, no he is made of stronger stuff.

During his 2 hours on stage at Emsphere’s UOB Live Mr Jones showed why his other nickname “The Voice ” is so justified. Sure he may not have been able to give the gyrations of which he was so famous in his earlier years but the man can sing no question about it. Fans from all over the world gathered to dance,cheer and sing along. Mostly older, there were some who may have seen him on the TV show “The Voice ”. Or maybe enjoyed his latest album”Surrounded by Time” recorded in 2022, when he was 80 years old. He proudly told us that this had earned him the record for being the oldest male singer to have a number one album in the UK.

This comment was one of a few little asides to the audience between songs. For example, just before a Chuck Berry number. Tom told us that when watching Chuck Berry perform in Las Vegas his companion Elvis Presley had declared Chuck “The Real King of Rock & Roll.” The crowd were very appreciative of being in the presence of someone who could regale us with stories like this whilst also performing his expected classics: “What’s New Pussycat?,” “It’s Not Unusual,”and “Delilah,”. Also more recently written songs by other performers that Tom just likes to sing. My favourite of these, of course, being “Kiss’ ‘ by Prince.

A very enjoyable time had by all and of course if you are unable to make an overnight trip of it, then get a group of pals together and go there and back with a minibus which is often a great way to prolong the party experience! So have a look at Thai Ticket major, Viagogo, Ticketmelon or any favourite online sites and start preparing your next night out!

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