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Are you ready for this year’s festivities? To help you get ready, here is a list of the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your list,


Bangkok’s mass transit expansion plans are well under way, but it seemed as if the Grey Line was the one proposed project that wouldn’t get off the ground.



Georg Chmiel, Executive Chairman for Juwai has recently spoken about the need for Thailand to have a residency Golden Visa program that includes a real estate component His reasoning is that it would help facilitate overseas investment into Thailand.



There is an increasing trend in interior design for bringing the outdoors in, This can be seen with popular colours drawn from nature and the  increased use of plants in all our rooms. 



For those who have ever driven through the gates of the Father Ray Foundation on Sukhumvit Road, you will have noticed just how busy it is.



I arrived on Friday 13th July last year, so a year and a bit, yes. And this is a good question on roles. Foreign Office titles can be confusing.



Of late South-east Asia’s seas have become areas that are fiercely contested by desperate fishermen with boats being blown up or even set on fire .



Shopping in Bangkok, just to buy some shirts? Living in Pattaya and working in an office in Bangkok – with rentals and home prices up to 50% lower than in Bangkok?



Everybody Loves the Trader.

Having spent some time up in the North of Thailand near the provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, it has to be said, there are many undiscovered gems to appreciate among the foothills of the mountains.



A Pattaya resident English Ex-Pat for over 10 years, Barry Upton has had a glittering and highly successful career in the music and entertainment buisiness for over fourty years.



I was surprised that the celebration was held inside Euro Design’s Showroom on Thepprasit road. It was very kind of them to allow guests full use of all the furniture inside, it made us all feel very comfortable indeed.



What’s better than shopping? Shopping for a bargain! So what’s better than getting a take- away delivered straight to your door? – getting a takeaway with a 20% discount offer!!



Just as our magazine has two sections “The Pattaya Trader” and “The Property Trader”, now, so does the website.



With all the recent excitement of the Rugby World Cup its easy to forget that even the fittest specimens of humankind may occasionally need help with their joints.