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Summertime is here and with temperatures scheduled to reach the mid 40s, it would make sense to head North in search of cooler places.

In these topsy turvy times not many things are certain, other than the fact that we have to keep ourselves as fit as possible and look after our money.

Once having decided to live in Thailand, the first major challenge is your future location. Having made painstaking research a choice has been made and now it is time to find a place to live!

Where to start with the great man? It started with me when as a thirteen-year old I first saw him on TV in replays of those gruelling, death defying fifteen round contests between himself and Joe Frazier.

Heat Rash also known as Prickly Heat or Miliaria is an annoying and trying affliction that affects a great number of people both visiting and living in warm/hot climates.

Thankfully information about Covid-19 and any progress made comes out a.s.a.p. check with reliable sources mainly the world health organization and try and avoid any old wives tales or rumours from social media.

Hot season is nearly upon. Temperatures are going to creep up from tolerably warm to scorching.

Certainly for the next few months ahead It would seem that we are all going to be spending more of our time at home.

Well here we are. The coronavirus has well and truly arrived in Thailand and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, judging by the situation in most other countries. Much like myself, most people are getting the latest information from social media, you just have to get through most of the rubbish on there and try to dig out the facts.

We are here to help your Business Adapt and Survive.

With the excessive amount of exaggerated news, it does become challenging to conclude whether one is reading or listening to truth or fiction.

The idea of print marketing might seem like something from a bygone era. But rest assured – print is not dead! 

Often I run into business owners who are very smug about not having to pay for advertising,


Just as our magazine has two sections “The Pattaya Trader” and “The Property Trader”, now, so does the website.



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