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Having survived his honeymoon period here in Pattaya (he arrived 1 ½ years ago) he has rather fallen for the place and decided to make it his home along with his lovely Chinese wife Helen and daughter Chacha.

If you’ve flown in or out of Suvarnabhumi International Airport recently you probably noticed the large building being constructed opposite the main terminal.

Moving can be a stressful time, with a lot of prior organisation and planning needed. 

Everybody Loves the Trader.

For many Falangs, “Fish Day” or “Fishing Day” is that “Pull-Here” strip on the box you rip to get at a big portion of battered cod.

Bicarbonate of soda is a really effective yet gentle abrasive cleaner and a great natural deodorizer. 

In 1999, Euro Design Furniture was formed by Heinz Pichler and Luc Parietti. 

Well if like me it’s been a few years since you last went to NongNooch Gardens, I urge you to revisit it, especially now the weather has got a bit cooler.


The clinic is spotlessly clean with staff who are extremely professional and yet still friendly and happy to explain every step of the procedure.


There wasn’t a great chef in our family, and that’s what inspired me to go and get into the creative world of cooking.


Caretta turtle ensnared in plastic. This beautiful creature would undoubtedly have died had it not been freed by the two underwater photographers


Cats are often seen as ‘easy’ pets that require little time and attention. That is why many cats are insufficiently provided for in their natural needs,


Following are ten tips to help you find the best pet-friendly rental solutions.

Simple Simon is on Soi 5 Jomtien (the Immigration Soi). You probably already know them for their fantastic full English breakfasts.

Meet Opal Sangnark, a woman well known to expats involved in Pattaya’s ever active social life.

If like me it’s been awhile since you last visited Beautiful Bang Saray, then I urge you to take a look.

Reza from the Under the Roof Club has been keeping in regular touch with The Pattaya Trader to report back on the meeting he has had with teachers and members of the Pair Border Patrol Police with blueprints for the first school agreed.

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