Document legalization is a process that confirms the authenticity of a document, ensuring it is genuine and authentic.

The British Learning Centre is thrilled to announce the opening of its second centre, in Bang Kapi, Bangkok.

Rugby School Thailand’s rise to prominence has been nothing short of meteoric. 

Over 500 LGBTQIAN+ joined a Parade of Rainbow Flags to symbolize equality and reflect Central World as a space that embraces diversity. Also, a space that accepts all differences and promotes equality.

In June 2023, a self-funded team of 12 women, under the banner of HER Planet Earth, will embark on a unique triple-challenge, which will incorporate mountain climbing

Nestled within the rolling countryside of Eastern Thailand, Rugby School Thailand began with a vision to bring genuine British independent boarding school education to Thailand.

Selecting the right international school for your child can be a daunting task, especially if you are relocating to Pattaya. With a plethora of options available, parents may feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.

After a couple of years of the pandemic you can be sure that Songkran will return with a vengeance this year.

During his time here Tony has seen many changes with Pattaya’s hedonistic past evolving into a proper city with organised and enforced rules and regulations.

Talcum powder or hydrated magnesium silicate to give it its chemical name is the softest known mineral mined from rock deposits

This amazing non profit organization needs your help to complete care home for 40 children.


Discover Pattaya went along to the Dr. Olivier Clinic in South Pattaya recently to try out one of the many treatments they have to offer.

Whenever anyone talks about non-invasive treatment I am immediately interested.




As February is the month of Love Come to the Jazz Pit and ask them to play your song

A look back at the life of the Legendary and influencial Guitarist Jeff Beck.

Of course in Thailand there are many massage options, but part of what makes the Avani experience so special is the consultation you have. 

 As Thailand is geographically in tropical moist climate, venomous animals are always plentiful.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is on the increase worldwide but is especially prevalent in Southeast Asia.

Solar power is technology that harnesses the sun’s energy to make it usable. Solar panels have been doing just that for many years no

If this hot weather has you longing for your own pool take a look at this year’s trends.

Designers were asked for their thoughts on the major trends for decorating kids’ rooms.

When choosing flowers, opt for those with strong stems. Also, those that tend to bloom for a long period of time.

Galleria Benetti was founded in July 2020 and is a welcome addition to Pattaya with its exhibitions featuring contemporary art.

Dr Nicha has a very good manner. She is friendly gentle and takes great care to explain the procedures to her patients.

Situated on the main Thappraya Road by the law courts and at the bottom of Pratumnak Hill is the beautiful Sugar Hut Resort.




Have you ever travelled abroad and wished your suitcase could hold all the beautiful pieces you’d like to bring back with you? I know I have.

Contrary to popular belief men generally do care about their looks although many lack a basic grooming routine to take care of their skin and hair. 

After the death of a loved one and divorce moving home is ranked no 3 of the most stressful life events.



In a beautiful light airy space at Movenpick Residences, you will find  Galleria Benetti, a welcome addition to Pattaya that I was absolutely delighted to go check out.

The British Embassy Bangkok is located at AIA Sathorn Tower, next to the Saint Louis BTS Station, Exit 2.

Everyone has eyes on Thailand to see what happens now that marijuana is no longer a class 5 narcotic but a controlled herb


Tony has for many years been a Pattaya personality recognisable because of his gyms and nightclubs. Now he has a brand new project.

Among the abundance of natural remedies that can be found ginger water is considered to be one of the most powerful. 

Mr Mark Gooding OBE is Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand.

Discover Pattaya was delighted to attend and watch a beautiful performance by dancers from Chanthaburi College of Dramatic Arts.

เทศกาลแห่โคมชมพระฉายครั้งที่ 8

Back to 125 years ago, it was counted that the first cinema shows in form of Thai Entertainment as evidenced by Bangkok Time Journal Newspaper of the 9th.June 1897 issue.

Seara Sports Systems, has the Solution to your Fitness needs.

Seara has spectacular showrooms across Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Here in Pattaya the showroom is at the corner of the Sukhumvit and Soi Chaiyapruek 1 and has recently been upgraded

With the Pandemic being reclassified as Endemic in many places travelling again can seem not just a dream but a reality,

ทางรถไฟสายปากน้ำ ถือว่าเป็นทางรถไฟสายแรกของประเทศไทย สร้างขึ้นในปี พ..2436 ในรัชสมัยของพระบาทสมเด็จพระจุลจอมเกล้าเจ้าอยู่หัว รัชกาลที่ 5

If the answer to that question is more than 6 months ago then you should book an appointment to have it done today.

Forty four years after having her first number one single with “Wuthering Heights”, Kate Bush has returned to the top spot in the UK charts with “Running up that Hill”, a song originally recorded and released in 1985.

Psychology can offer a variety of techniques and tricks to help manage stress, anxiety, or other issues.

No matter how many years we live in Thailand it always seems to come as quite a shock when April and May months hit and we realise just how hot it can get here.

After reports of 15 confirmed cases of rabies last month the Animal Army embarked on a mass sterilization and vaccination project.

The JWT supersedes the Hubble Telescope which was launched back in 1990, its mirror is almost three times as large

There is a lot of love in Pattaya, and the children who don’t have a home, who are not living with their families, they are grateful to you for giving them a Christmas to remember.

Most people who know me well, are very much aware of my obsession with the greatest band of songwriters … in the world … ever … The Beatles.

During the month of St Valentine, our attention may be on our romantic partners more than ever. However, keeping love strong needs time, thought and consideration.

Over 325 corporate guests were delighted to attend a fantastic event held by Movers and Shakers at the new Courtyard Pattaya North

Throughout life, we are all faced with difficulties and problems. We are all fighting to live a better life but on the way have we ever noticed who is there to support us when we have no hope?

As a live entertainer, I still love to play at special gigs and parties with my Beatles, Beach Boys and Kings Of Swing acts plus my vast playlist of 60s, 70s and 80s classics.

The thought of invasive surgery, needles and painful cosmetic procedures can be daunting for many of us. 


For anyone looking for a first-rate cigar here in Pattaya or those simply wishing to take it easy seated on plush leather chairs. 

Sunset Vertigo, and especially the last chapter should become essential reading for every foreigner moving to live in Thailand!

From early years to IB, Outdoor learning has an integral place in every student’s learning journey.

I got to thinking about the best party I ever experienced. It was in 1982 at the legendary Abbey Road recording studios in London.

Whether you put on weight or lose weight the result is inevitable, some of your clothes will become unwearable. 


Ten Very useful hacks to help students get back on track with their studies.



Sugar Hut has been an iconic landmark in Pattaya since 1984, and now proviodes a new Onsen Spa experience..

The detective returns to one of his old favorites for one of the most elaborate espresso flavors in Pattaya. 


How lovely to find a brand new park in Jomtien. You come to it by traveling down Jomtien 2nd road until you are opposite Riviera.

Do you want something made to measure? Let Ama fashions experienced tailors help you.


I have been plagued during my 46 year professional music and entertainment career by the ‘credibility’ brigade of, especially, musicians who seek purity in their art.


What a relief! 14 days of quarantine on a tropical island as an alternative to solitary confinement in a hotel room.

Charlie Watts, the drummer, and heartbeat of the Rolling Stones passed away on the 24th of August. Fifty years ago at age thirteen, I started to buy my first vinyl records.

Perhaps a shirt or blouse that has seen better days? It might be frayed at the collar or cuffs?

If like Tracey Emin who famously sold her unmade bed for 2.2 million pounds you have found a way to make untidiness work for you?

Sometimes as people get older, due to problems such as reduced mobility, memory issues, or health problems, everyday activities can become more challenging.

Lockdowns can be ruinous for our health, for mental health, for physical health and for a feeling of being trapped indoors too many hours in the day leading to boredom and eating too much.

With the Pandemic being reclassified as Endemic in many places travelling again can seem not just a dream but a reality,

Iran-born Steve Lawler was raised in Hong Kong, educated in Europe and has lived in Singapore since 2003.

Pattaya International Hospital can pride itself on a spotless reputation without any occurrences of post-operative or secondary infection.

Never enough time to get things done? Try our ten hacks to help improve your productivity.

In Thailand there are many food supplements available but not all are created equal.

A classic films lover creates a private home cinema for his own movie viewing pleasure and a small group of friends.

ในฉบับเดือนเมษายนที่ผ่านมา เราได้นำเสนอโรงภาพยนตร์ทางเลือกสำหรับผู้ที่ชื่นชอบหนังแนวอาร์ท อินดี้ และคลาสสิค นั่นก็คือ โรงภาพยนตร์บางกอกสกรีนนิ่งรูม

No water splashing is to be allowed, this year’s Songkran holiday will take place from April 10th to April 15th,

 The National Film Preservation Board of America has a registry of films considered to be of enduring importance.

The Thai Film Archive was established in 1984 by Mr. Dome Sukawong.

ใน Discover Pattaya ฉบับก่อนๆ เราได้นำเสนอเรื่องราวของ มิตร ชัยบัญชา พระเอกอมตะนิรันดร์กาลของชาวไทยและการจัดงานรำลึกถึงเขาโดยหอภาพยนตร์ ในฉบับนี้ เราใคร่ขอนำเสนอเรื่องราวความเป็นมาตลอดจนกิจกรรมของหอภาพยนตร์


 If you want to cure a hangover you have to keep in mind a few biological facts. 


I’m currently typing this from a hotel room in Bangkok as another day of state ordered quarantine draws to a close.

In our previous two issues of Discover Pattaya we looked at the 50th anniversary of his death now we look at the other sides of his life.

   ใน 2 ฉบับก่อนหน้า เราได้กล่าวถึง ประวัติโดยย่อ และ งานรำลึก 50 ปี การจากไป ของ มิตร ชัยบัญชา ซึ่งได้จัดขึ้นที่หอภาพยนตร์

Gain sailing proficiency with courses for the Royal Varuna Yacht Club.

Ron Cole was born in New York and decided to play guitar because both his Dad and Brother were already drummers.

The Thai Film Archive restoring  the Thai Movie Star Mitr Chaibancha filmography.


Live Music from Thomas Reimer at The Jazz Pit

The first musical instrument Thomas learned to play at the age of 6 was the violin ……..

It is still early in the home quarantine game, but are you bored to death by now? 

My Incredible Journey

Rodney is a well loved figure around Pattaya who recently underwent heart surgery…..