Enjoy some Nip and Tuck without going under the Knife with Q+Ultracel

The thought of invasive surgery, needles and painful cosmetic procedures can be daunting for many of us. So when gravity and age start to take their toll it is good to know that reliable alternatives can be found. Dr Waraporn Klanwarin has headed the dermatology department of Pattaya International, a foremost hospital in this field, for many years. Her success can clearly be seen by her impressive list of long term clients and for many of them, she highly recommends Q+ Ultracel.

Q + Ultracel offers state of the art, non-surgical HIFU skin rejuvenation technology. HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and Q+ Ultracel combines ultrasound and radiofrequency technology, all in one simple procedure. It has been approved for its safety and efficacy by the FDA in the US and offers a very targeted treatment affecting the skin’s deeper (SMAS) tissues The high intensity ultrasound .works by emitting slight, invisible wounds deep into the skin’s dermis. As the skin structure heals these tiny thermal tears the result is a natural tightening and lifting that lasts for several months after the treatment.

As well as being extremely safe the tremendous benefits of Q + are that it can show real improvements after just one session and these improvements continue with time. Also, there is very little downtime so you can just have your appointment at the hospital without having to hide away after the procedure.

Extremely important for most of us is the fact that the entire experience is relatively painless. After the face is thoroughly clean a liberal application of anaesthetic cream is applied 30 minutes beforehand in order for it to take full effect. Dr Waraporn herself is extremely comforting informing you of every step of the procedure, asking how you are feeling and telling you what you should expect. This generally being the feel of small pin pricks in your skin and a slight increase of heat when there is an increase in intensity. After the procedure cooling flannels are applied to help diminish the redness and take away the slight stinging sensation you will also be advised to stay out of the sun and apply moisturizer.

Give yourself a treat and put yourself in the tried and tested safe hands of Dr Waraporn to see real cosmetic improvements as you head into the New Year.

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