If you’re considering Thailand property investment, there are a few things you should definitely know.


The failure to conduct necessary precautions could result in terrible consequences such as serious financial and legal distress on the part of the buyer.

Casa Verde Villas has indeed many unique features, and breaks a few of the usual rules of Thai developments for the benefit of those who appreciate quality and comfort.

Design choices will continue to encourage comfort and stability at home.

The company originally founded in Thailand in March 2022 by a hotelier, a restaurateur and a software engineer, has moved quickly from its original idea of providing a user friendly property platform

At the time of writing, the redeveloped houses have created quite a buzz among real estate agents and buyers,

Discover Pattaya were delighted to attend the launch of yet another amazing project by Ametus Development

Now in its seven year, the Dot Property Thailand Awards honours the best real estate across Thailand.

This beautiful penthouse at Sands Condominium has everything you need. Wonderful, unrestricted sea views across to Koh Larn and refreshing sea breezes

Now in its sixth year, the Dot Property Thailand Awards honours the best real estate across Thailand.

The friendly landlord explains that the key money is just a standard thingy in Thailand for the lease of commercial properties.

Where does it all go wrong? Isn’t it true that all these “Farangs” (foreigners) are seen as people with money to spend? 

Getting the best price during real estate negotiations doesn’t have to be a painful process. 

Finding someone to occupy your rental property can be difficult. Learn about these unique selling points (USPs).

Thailand’s leading market commentators discussed the state of the economy and the real estate industry.

Following on from part 1 in our April magazine Kim continues to tell us about his experience of searching for a condo in Jomtien. 

By day John Farr is well known as a local property agent specializing in rentals. 

The art of negotiation requires you to understand numerous factors. This is especially true when it comes to real estate discounts. 

Mark Quinn is no stranger to Thailand in fact he spent 7 years living in Koh Samu but he is relatively new to Pattaya.

Dot Property Thailand Awards and Park Hyatt Bangkok announce safety measures.

Park Hyatt Bangkok has put numerous precautions into place that help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Anyone who has been in Pattaya for any length of time will know that this is a city that has been extremely resilient and resourceful.

Who will earn the gold standard in Thai-real estate this year?

The anxiety and stress. Who doesn’t want to be a real estate agent? These guys have a great life – easy job – big money – nice cars… wow! 

Thailand has demonstrated one of the most significant improvements compared to the DQL 2020, 


COVID-19 in Thailand continues to pose a threat so here is a brief overview of what you need to know about COVID-19 in Thailand.

Time for Reflection – Time for Future Visions – Pattaya Tourism 2020 and beyond. 

There is a lot of competition to be Bangkok’s tallest building with developers now looking to top one another.

What’s it all about? Is it about Budget? Ownership? Convenience? Privacy? Views? Let’s review some of the pros and cons.

Now in its sixth year, the Dot Property Thailand Awards honours the best real estate across Thailand.

The pros and cons of buying Thailand real estate right now are numerous. Understanding these can be helpful in making a confident decision.