By Gloria Jones

Mark Quinn is no stranger to Thailand in fact he spent 7 years living in Koh Samu but he is relatively new to Pattaya,only joining the successful Town & Country RE/MAX team in November last year. Prior to that and after his time in Samui,he started his own RE/MAX agency in Khon Kaen where he lives with his wife, children and many dogs! Initially he told me there were only 5 “There are actually six because I forgot about the chihuahua,it’s more of a toy really. The others are all much larger – I love big dogs” he jokes. Mark still has this office and splits his week by travelling back to Khon Kaen Friday to be there on the weekend returning to Pattaya for Monday.

So what has living in these strange times that we all face ourselves in right now meant for Mark?

“Well the twice weekly trips that I do between Khon Kaen – Pattaya have gone from a door to door time of 21/2 hours to 7 hours now as I am no longer flying but driving. Lunches are takeaways, mostly eaten at the desk and yet we are still surprisingly busy at this time”

As you walk into the office on the ground floor lobby of Jomtien Complex Condotel there is a sign on the impressive doors,advising you to wear a mask and hand sanitizer is readily available. Luckily they have plenty of room in the attractive, modern office and should a customer prefer a bit more privacy there is a large table in the meeting room so sitting the requisite 1 ½ metres apart is no problem.

“When we go for viewings we have to be very careful. There are strict instructions for the owner not to be present and for the prospective purchaser or tenant not to touch anything and of course we all wear masks. The office staff are still actively employed mainly replying to emails. These may take the form of enquiries from existing clients who wish to re-evaluate where they want to sit out the virus. Or they can be new enquiries from overseas clients wanting to do some research as to what they might be able to rent or acquire once Thailand opens up again.”

Back in the UK Mark was a surveyor and finds that his trained eye is often an asset whilst working in the property business. He is also extremely affable and a pleasure to talk to. This of course has helped him form many friendly relationships with his clients and customers. I also admire his energy and resourcefulness. At a time when many have simply given up the ghost (as they say) Mark is still thinking out of the box for new ideas and managing to maintain a positive outlook – more power to you Mark !

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