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We have travel guides for places to go and stay, where to shop and eat, things to do and see, and budget advice or money saving tips. It doesn’t matter what sort of vacation you’re planning, whether you will be cruising the Gulf Of Thailand searching for an island getaway, a weekend trip or a long vacation,a backpacking trip or around the world jaunt, with your family or friends or even by yourself.

Having spent some time up in the North of Thailand near the provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, it has to be said, there are many undiscovered gems to appreciate among the foothills of the mountains.



The long-awaited MRT Blue Line extension from Hua Lamphong to Bang Khae is now open to the public, stretching from the previous terminus at MRT Hua Lamphong to western suburbs in Bang Khae district 

Cool rooftop pool area with lovely breeze & ambient tunes keep everything well chilled.



Well if like me it’s been a few years since you last went to NongNooch Gardens, I urge you to revisit it, especially now the weather has got a bit cooler.


Between Storm Surges & Coral Bleaching

Ochre cliffs, epic myths and catching crabs — Noosa’s rainbow road to the far north is full of story.

Everybody loves the Trader.

How to escape all the other tropical holiday escapists? 

The Mekong River isn’t so much crazy as alive with curiosities and contradictions. Head upstream to run aground on a few.

For decades, folks in both Pattaya and Hua Hin have looked across the Gulf of Thailand and wished they could leap to the other side, Superman-style, in a single bound.

The daisy-chain islands of the Maldives are famous for romantic resorts. But after you’ve done the eat-drink-get frisky thing, what else is there to do? Try these.

Tourism plays an important role in the Asia Pacific region. For many countries it is the leading revenue generator.

Years ago, on my first visit to another Vientiane wat, the graceful Ho Phakeo temple, a guide told me that this had been home to Bangkok’s famed Emerald Buddha until a Siamese army carried it off in 1779. 

If you are looking for accommodation in Bangkok and fancy something a little different than the standard corporate hotel chain fare, then why not select a Boutique Hotel? 

“Venice of the East”, “the Big Mango” and so on. Over the years Bangkok has been lumbered with several farang-concocted sub-titles.

The Hana Highway, Hawaii’s most beautiful drive, is making a fool of me. This tenacious, twisting road clings to the northeast coast of the island of Maui…..

An archipelago of cathedrals and beauty queens, spas, bars and whale sharks. Toss in fiestas, coups and volcanos, and the Philippines can seem like a brew of magical realism. 

With flights to Istanbul costing from as little as 18,000 Baht and the visa waiver for Thai citizens, Istanbul has become a very accessible holiday destination for Expats and Thais alike.

Whilst most visitors come to the Land of Smiles to lay on pristine white beaches and enjoy the incredible food and culture, there are others who visit Thailand for a completely different reason.

With a choice of 13,466 islands, where does a visitor begin in Indonesia?

Voluntourism … low-impact travel … carbon offsets …. As travel becomes ever more complicated, how can we trip the planet fantastic — or at least Thailand — without trashing it further?

With flights to Istanbul costing from as little as 18,000 Baht and the visa waiver for Thai citizens, Istanbul has become a very accessible holiday destination for Expats and Thais alike.

You can stay on it, play and pray on it, eat and sleep beside it — but best not swim in Bangkok’s Chao Phraya.

Koh for it among these Thai islands that haven’t been hammered by “discovery”.

How — where! — to escape sodden Songkran, Pattaya’s annual festival of road carnage, ceaseless drenchings and blow-in bogans? 

Another idea for escaping the Songkran madness is to join an organised trip for either one day or a few to get you out of Pattaya.