Experience the Soft Power of Sugar Hut Resort

Experience the Soft Power of Sugar Hut Resort

 “Soft power” has been a buzzword for a couple of years now, reflecting the Thai government’s growing interest in presenting its national culture on a global stage. Thailand’s soft power is rooted in its rich heritage, encompassing cuisine, and traditional arts with the hospitality and warmth of the Thai people. Sugar Hut is a unique complex that embodies all this traditional Thai charm.

The Sugar Hut resort is located amidst the bustling city of Pattaya and for more than 40 years has been renowned for its authentic Thai-style bungalows set in lush, tropical gardens. Its amenities include an award-winning restaurant and magnificent swimming pools complete with Steam, Sauna and even Onsen Spa.

There are fabulous peacocks, Koi Carp and birds of all varieties to keep both children and adults entertained. Many visitors return to the Sugar Hut with fond memories of their holidays here with their parents. Often they bring their own children back to introduce another generation to this charming resort. Yet Sugar Hut does not rest on its laurels but blends its traditional architecture with modern comforts and all the facilities today’s traveller will need. Netflix required? No problem it is available in all 28 rooms together with air conditioning, of course. There are even separate living rooms with comfy seating, large TVS, minibars, snacks and drinks cabinets in which to relax.

The management team never stops renovating and improving both inside and out, encouraging visitors to comment on their stay and to make suggestions. That is why you will now see that the wooden panelling around the fabulous mosquito-netted beds has been cut and the premium mattresses raised, to aid guests when coming to bed The traditional bathrooms are not simply left open for all the “creatures” of the resort to come to stay but protected by high quality fibre glass.You will also see that Bamboo matting around the pools has been added to make it safe from slipping. Everywhere throughout the extensive grounds, new trees, plants, flowers and herbs (to be used in the kitchens) are constantly being added.

At night the whole oasis has a different, tranquil feel with the softly lit paths leading you up to the Jazz Pit to enjoy live music and perhaps a delicious cocktail. Or to the Heavenly Pavilion to get a beautiful skyline view with a spirit and cigar. Or you may simply wish to stroll around the Sunya Spa and delight in the colours of Pattaya’s newest nighttime flower garden This oasis of calm attracts both local and international tourists seeking a peaceful getaway.

Come see what they have found. Sugar Hut has everything you need day or night. It is celebrated for its cultural authenticity and provides a truly immersive experience of Thai heritage whilst ensuring a relaxing and luxurious stay. Sugar Hut Resort is near Pattaya Provincial Court on Thappraya Road, Jomtien


tel: 038 251 686

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