La Cucina – Our Third Andaz Restaurant Review

La Cucina - Our Third Andaz Restaurant Review

We have often enjoyed dining in the amazing restaurants at Andaz: Sunday lunchtime at The Village Butcher, Sunset at The Fish Club. If you missed our reviews, you can still read them online on the Home Page of our website This time, for our return to this stunning resort we decided to come in the evening for dinner at La Cucina. A restaurant that blends traditional Italian cuisine with locally sourced ingredients it features handcrafted pastas and wood-fired pizzas..

The ambiance of La Cucina is both chic and inviting, with an open kitchen concept that allows diners to watch the chefs at work. Jazz music playing is soft and unobtrusive and the lighting golden and gentle on the eye. There are rustic wooden tables, blue and white hand painted tiles, a vaulted beamed ceiling and floor to ceiling windows that allow you to look out at the beautifully lit grounds.

So on to the food and as the menu was so enticing, we felt the most sensible thing would be to share our selection. So started with a fabulous cold cut selection of wonderful Italian meats that included some you don’t always see such as Mortadella and Coppa accompanied by a great Garden salad. The salad was fresh and appetising, it included orange fennel, asparagus, red onion and parmesan cheese.

The accompanying condiments we enjoyed with the salad and throughout the meal must also be mentioned, You have to try the excellent balsamic vinegar, olives and delicious pesto that accompanies the warm bread Of course pasta had to be next so we opted for handmade spinach & ricotta with mozzarella and spicy Nduja sausage which gave it a bit of a kick. Then the Baby chicken Cacciatora which was a delight in a rich, creamy tomato sauce. 

Then finally the pizza. I would like to tell you that we only selected the fine Pumpkin and Gorgonzola Bianca so as to watch the chef work his magic. The truth is that our eyes were too big for our ever expanding waistlines but no matter, a lovely box was the answer for us to take the remaining deliciously cheesy slices home. All that was left was a quick trip to the elegant drinks lounge. A quick nightcap accompanied by the wonderful addition of live saxophone music being played just outside to really end a memorable evening.


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