Fools In Paradise…and there are plenty of them!

Fools In Paradise…and there are plenty of them!

Where does it all go wrong? Isn’t it true that all these “Farangs” (foreigners) are seen as people with money to spend? Good looking: white skin boys always seem to have plenty of dough to spend – aren’t we all jealous? .Is that why Thais use whitener cream? Is life abroad so much better than living in Thailand? Would it not be a dream to marry one of those rich men, always funny and happy bunnies? Well mannered, with perfect English, stylishly dressed, treating you like a Princess, staying in nice hotels, eating fancy dinners…

And off she goes. Falling for his charms, his impressive stories and smile.He falls for her too and takes her back to his home country. Sorts out a passport, visa and some warm clothes to prepare her for her first trip abroad. Let the adventure begin!

Sadly, she flies back after 6-7 weeks. The sudden climate change,language barrier,dramatic change of mood, lifestyle and the house that wasn’t quite the same as he described. He doesn’t seem to have much time to spend with her either..He goes to work early in the morning, while it is still dark and cold. Dinner is at 6 PM – followed by a movie on TV, and off to sleep early..She feels isolated. doesn’t know what to do all day? Turns out he isn’t what he said he was Turns out life isn’t as glamorous as he led her to believe. A typical romance with a 2-week millionaire. How could things turn so different, so quickly, so unexpected;y?

The truth is the “prince on the white horse” had many dreams as well.but never realized that living abroad, for someone used to her life in her home country, could be so difficult. Never realized that it is impossible to continue a similar lifestyle at home as during his annual fortnight vacay in Thailand. Across the globe, guys have been saving up for that trip, marking off the days on the calendar to the big getaway. Two weeks of heaven, two weeks in paradise, and then back to the real world to repeat the cycle when time and resources are available.The 2-week millionaire.

As one of Pattaya’s leading and longest-standing realtors, we have seen quite a few of them

“Tire kickers”, totally in love with their recently met Thai fiancée, looking at the fanciest pool-villas and luxury apartments you can imagine. What is your budget, Sir? “I have no budget – If we” like it, we” buy it” …And for sure, she is impressed. And so would we be if we believed that there really are clients with “no budget”.

What is the current situation now during the COVID malaise? The party-boppers are no longer here and we are back to the long stayers. Of which quite a few live on a minimum budget, chasing the 99 Baht buster breakfast deals.The farang clientele that doesn’t spend money and speaks Thai a little bit too much. Doom & gloom? No, not really.Luckily there are many foreigners remaining that do spend quite a bit to afford their lifestyle living the dream in Pattaya.

Will this be the end of the “2-week millionaire” era? I don’t think so. Maybe not straight away but I hope to see them again sooner rather than later bringing life back to the scene. And the whitener?Nah, keep the skin color you’re born with my dear Thai friends.

From our perspective the current state of Thailand, in general, is attractive.Rents are cheap, entertainment is affordable, food and beverage are cheap and delicious.Thailand is a great place, soon to recover from its current downturn. If you consider changing your lifestyle for good, have a chat with us. There are many ways you can exchange your drab, cold, and friendless country to a much more desirable place to live. But keep your head screwed on and don’t waste (and lose) your money on temptations.

Town & Country Property has near 20 years of experience, not just in the real estate scene here in Pattaya, but also on a social level.

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