That's Entertainment – Barry Upton

Everyone’s individual entertainment requirements differ from person to person in today’s world of diversity via technology, sport, music, theatre, cinema and so on.

My fourty six years in the entertainment industry has taught me that pleasing some will not always please others and that there is no ‘one size fits all’. Therefore criticism has to be expected and a sense of humility about everything you do as you lay yourself bare with each offering.

However, a deep sense of joy is experienced whenever a project or performance is successful and thankfully received positively. If the success brings with it financial reward, then that’s a definite bonus.

After thirty years since my last vinyl 45 disc releases, A label called Energise Records in the U.K. have recently released a box set of my songwriting and production hits from a few years ago featuring pop singer Sonia, on coloured vinyl, a format which has had a resurgence of interest lately.

Our esteemed editor of Discover Pattaya, Gloria, is a keen Netflix fan and I believe Rick Click spends all his free time researching and playing with video games and gadgets.

Recently I have been enjoying the immense range of entertainment and educational videos on YouTube via my giant Smart TV. I now hardly ever watch any mainstream TV programs as the production values of ‘YouTubers’ has increased due to the equipment they are using which nowadays is much more affordable. Of course there are still ‘wannabe’ presenters who are looking for their five minutes of fame but I’m increasingly impressed by the slick, interesting productions available.

So, it is to this end that I’m aiming my new music and future output towards YouTube which, to my mind, is going to dominate for a few years to come.

Now that life has returned to our fun city of Pattaya, if not tourists yet, a spectacular range of live entertainment is at our fingertips and there’s no reason for anyone to ever be bored and uninterested.

We are so lucky to be living in an area with so much to offer and a vibrant community of Ex Pats organizing differing special events.

I, myself, am involved with the British Queen’s Platinum Jubilee events coming up on June 4th for a ‘hot ticket’ charity pub night at ‘The Robin Hood’ plus a British Legion garden party at the ‘Retreat Bowling Club’ on June 11th…..(see what I did there…..plug).

As a live entertainer, I still love to play at special gigs and parties with my Beatles, Beach Boys and Kings Of Swing acts plus my vast playlist of 60s, 70s and 80s classics. So, if you are having a celebration of any kind, feel free to contact me via my Email [email protected].

My new original music album has been delayed by a few weeks due to technical issues but will be released for sure in April and, if interested, a promo can be found on YouTube under the title ‘Barry’s Tropical Beach Café – Barry Upton’. There will be exclusive versions of all 13 tracks via NFT which is the new way to market artistic intellectual property on a worldwide basis for financial gain. A bit like the record labels of old but this is the new styley.

Also my autobiography ‘Confessions Of A Pop Tart’ which includes many ‘behind the scenes’ stories of my life in the entertainment and music business is available to read for free on this very ‘Discover Pattaya’ online platform.

It’s been a pleasure to have entertained so many people over so many years. Long may it continue.

Enjoy it all folks.

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