Expat Finance can put you in touch with the Right People!

We can put you in touch with the Right People!

For long term residents and retirees in Thailand, some legal procedures can be a minefield of bureaucracy and endless paperwork. At Expat Finance we have access to professional people who can help you negotiate any problems that you may come across whilst living in Thailand. Here are just some of the things we can assist you with.

INSURANCE including House/Condo, Car/Motorbike, Life cover and most importantly Health Insurance which is becoming a much bigger issue in the Kingdom since the onset of the pandemic. It is now, more than ever, vital you get the health cover that fits your particular circumstances. You need the right advice to make the right choice.

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT something that looms large and is of great importance to our resident retirees is the setting of a legal and binding last will and testament. For families that are left behind, whether here or abroad, the lack of any clear instructions via a certified will can be a nightmare to untangle, cost a lot of money and go on for a very long time. All those potential problems can be put aside with the right plans in place. We have the lawyers that can guide you through the whole process and assist you with all the final documentation as Executor.

BUSINESS SERVICES including visa, work permit and visa (B), Business licences, VAT registration and the opening of bank accounts both personal and for business.

PROPERTY SERVICES We can also help with contract drafting for business sales, also for real estate and vehicles. We deal with ownership transfers of house, land and condominium, corporate accounting and bookkeeping services, payroll, social security and accounts. The preparation of yearly accounts can also be catered for.

FINANCIAL SERVICES investment and personal wealth advice and private loan arrangements.

We also deal with the rental, sale or purchase of a property and general property management.

Anyone who comes through Expat Finance can be assured of the best service available. Whatever your requirements you will be given the chance to speak to the right people with no obligation to continue. If you want peace of mind and want to make the right choice concerning any of the above please get in touch.

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