10 Life Hacks For Students

10 Life Hacks For Students

Last month’s Hacks were aimed at the older folk – if you missed the article it is still available to read online via our website patttayatrader.com This month our hacks are aimed at the younger generation especially students who let’s face it have suffered a really challenging time during this pandemic. From the youngest who may need parental help setting good routines and disciplines to the older ones -here’s hoping you find some use for the following tips:

Use Post-it Notes
Stick some post-it notes in an empty tray, on a bedroom door, on the fridge, or wherever you will easily see them. Use them to help remind you of something important and once it’s done you can simply discard the paper. Or you can download digital post-it notes that will show on your desktop when you start up your PC.

Checklists and Timelines

Get into the habit of using checklists and to-do lists to jot down important things such as homework and project deadlines. Ticking it off when finished will give a good sense of accomplishment when each task is finished.

If faced with a major project or assignment it helps to also give yourself a timeline. That way you can divide the project into smaller segments and put daunting tasks into smaller more manageable chunks that are more easily achievable. Giving a task a start middle and end date with reminders on your calendar will stop a final rush to get everything done the night before the due date!

Making a presentation

Making presentations can be nerve-racking and you don’t want to be fumbling around with sheets of paper so try using notecards instead as they are easier to handle. You can also use different coloured pens and coloured highlighters. This will help you remember your points better and read them with ease, without hesitating.

Use Google to hear your work

After writing an essay or wording for an aural presentation you need to do, copy-paste onto Google translate and listen to it. Listening makes it easier to find mistakes.

Stop smelly shoes stinking out your locker or kit bag
The key to combatting smelly trainers is… tea bags! An eco-friendly way to fix a smelly shoes problem is to take two tea bags and put them in your trainers before you put them away. Your locker or kit bag will never reek again!

Dry ink stopping your pen from working?

If your pen is not working because the ink is dry, you can try putting some heat on it using a hand dryer or a hairdryer! Pretty soon, it will start working again.

Make a play-list

Every second counts when you’re getting ready for school so try making a playlist of your favourite songs that lasts exactly the same amount of time as you need to spend getting ready before leaving your home for school Before long you will get your morning schedule working according to your song list and it will be easy to know when you’re running a little late! Also getting ready for school will be far more enjoyable.

Drink Water

If you have had enough sleep but are still feeling tired when you wake up. The answer might be that you are probably just dehydrated so make sure to drink a glass of water and carry on staying hydrated throughout the day.

Erase Highlighter pen marks

If you have highlighted something by mistake or simply want to remove some highlighted text from your book, take a Q-tip and soak the bud with lime juice. Then you can swipe the moistened bud over the highlighted text, it will remove the coloured highlighter and leave the text perfectly intact

Lost your eraser?

Try using a small piece of bread as an eraser. Or if you don’t have any bread to hand, find a rubber band and tie it around the end of your pencil to use as an eraser.

We hope you have enjoyed these hacks and have found some of them useful. We also hope that all students will be able to get back into schools soon so that they can enjoy seeing their friends and get back into their classrooms and sports fields.

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