The Coffee Detective Visits Benjamit Coffee Roasters

The Coffee Detective Visits Benjamit Coffee Roasters

Whilst the Coffee Detective strives to locate and inform readers about new and exciting places to enjoy good coffee, it is always a pleasure to return to old favourites.

Ambience: *****

Benjamit’s is an original and probably one of the oldest coffee shops in Pattaya having already been there for more than 16 years. Probably the closest to a traditional Mediterranean style café, Benjamit’s is always well frequented with regulars attracted by the down-to-earth, authentic atmosphere and of course, their exceptional coffee.

Location: ****

Located where the old Burkhao market was held there is a very special charm, ambiance, and atmosphere. Whilst the décor may look dated, the secret to Benjamit’s is not only their superb and exciting coffee blend but their cutting-edge La Marzocco Leva X espresso machine. Probably one of the most advanced machines in the world, it allows the Barista personal influence on the coffee being prepared. It is a beautiful machine and superbly manipulated by the Baristas creating truly exceptional coffee.

Quality of the coffee: *****(+)

Benjamit’s roast their own coffee and you will see a wide selection of coffee bean sacks from both Thailand and from all the major coffee producing countries. Their house blend consists of 70% Chiang Mai, Ethiopian, Guatemala, Indonesia, and Brazilian beans. Their expresso is complex with a rich chocolaty aroma, the flavour is bold, intriguing, and complex with a long, graceful finish. One of the most elaborate espresso flavours in Pattaya with perfect extraction, acidity, and flavour.

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