AMA helped make me a Bond.

AMA helped make me a Bond.

By Rick Martin

I was recently lucky enough to receive an invitation to a James Bond-themed event hosted by Violette Gauthier and The Pattaya Gastronomic Society , to be held at the Intercontinental Pattaya Resort. However, I had nothing in my wardrobe that would make me look even remotely like James Bond. I wanted to accept her invitation but time was running out. Then I remembered recently meeting a friend outside AMA Fashion Tailors. He had been having a white suit especially made for him for one of Violette’s previous events. So I contacted the guys at AMA and quickly headed over to their shop on central Pattaya Klang Road.

I was warmly greeted and offered some refreshments while they took down my details. They measured me from top to bottom, around the chest, across the back and shoulders, the inside leg, etc.

Because the price is so reasonable, now having a handmade suit is a viable option. Back in the UK I used to just buy off the peg. At Ama Fashion, depending on which fabric you would like, there is a range of three price points to choose from. For the event I chose a very attractive black material and for the lining black again but with a paisley pattern. Options were then discussed about the cut, I didn’t go for the slim fit thinking I might need more room. I also went for a two button single breasted with a double vent.

Only a few days later I returned for the basted fitting, so called because my suit jacket had been temporarily stitched together with white basting thread. This working” jacket was then used to fine tune the fitting and I was asked many questions about the fit as I checked myself in the mirror. But I could tell, even at this stage, that the jacket slid on like a glove and felt great. Only a few chalk marks were needed and then in ten minutes this part of the process was done. utes.

Just one week later from my initial meeting, my black Bond Suit was ready to be collected. There were a few final checks to be made but because the tailors had been very accurate with my measurements, and amendments made during my fitting the jacket was perfect. I also tried on the trousers one last time to check how they felt when sitting down. The suit was then placed inside a sturdy complimentary suit carrier so I could hang it up and keep it covered when I got home. Another nice touch I liked was a black handkerchief decoration poking out of the breast pocket.

I was very impressed by the service from Ama Fashion. There’s a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere when you step inside their good looking frontage. They have comfy seating and offer a range of refreshments as you make your selections or return to see them for fittings and collection. They were very efficient and the price was extremely reasonable, also the suit was ready on the date they specified which was important to me. All I needed now was to add my white shirt and black bow tie and I was good to go.

So don’t panic if like me you find an event on the horizon and you don’t have anything appropriate to wear head on over to AMA fashion.They will look after you!

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