There has been much excitement about the changing laws regarding marijuana recently. Many Cannabis Advocates interested in its recreational use have been extremely active. However, more serious work began at FRESH MEDIQ back in 2018 when they were asked by the GPO (Government Pharmaceutical Organization) to join a pilot scheme interested in looking at its medical benefits and risks.

Controlled narcotic classifications in Thailand run from 1-5 and even sleep medication may be classed as a controlled narcotic. Class 1 narcotics are reserved for hard drugs such as Heroin. Cannabis was positioned in Class 5. Although countries like the USA already had plenty of data available, Thailand deemed it important to collect its own research on Cannabis and so the GPO requested FRESH MEDIQ alongside 3 Government hospitals carry out some clinical research trials.

The 600 case studies submitted by FRESH MEDIQ were found to be extremely valuable because as a private clinic they were able to collect data from many expat participants who signed up for these trials. Alongside studies from Thai hospital patients this data was used to help progress the declassification of Marijuana from a controlled narcotic to a controlled herb by proving its usage to be safe with little or no side effects.

Since starting this period of research and opening FRESH MEDIQ’s clinic on Jomtien’s 2nd road. Dr Ann and her team have continued to collect data through approved case studies. With this she has been able to summarise her findings in order to request a stronger dosage of cannabis oil called THC Forte with 810mg of THC and is now available to purchase at the clinic. Our photo above shows it with both the old and the new packaging (due to changing classifications). In addition as well as many vaireties of marijuana and other strengths of Cannabis oil there is a wide range of items available such as lip balms, topical creams and shower gels that have proven to be excellent for treating skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema.

Already many delighted patients have come to FRESH MEDIQ to be seen by Dr Ann. The top 5 reasons are for the treatment of:- 1. Chronic Pain 2.PTSD (there are many American and Canadian ex-military in Pattaya who suffer from this) 3.Sleep Disorders 4.Cancer and 5.Osteoporosis. There have even been cases of patients with Parkinson’s disease and one with a brain tumour who travelled to Pattaya especially to see Dr Ann as relief and treatment for someone with such a very serious condition requires an experienced Doctor’s supervision.

Everyone has eyes on Thailand to see what happens now that marijuana is no longer a class 5 narcotic but a controlled herb. This includes Malaysia which is watching the situation most carefully and taking in data to possibly follow the same path. Right now in Thailand for those wishing to sell or treat people through the use of Cannabis products the Thai Government has given until the end of 2022 to get the necessary licenses in place. In order to do this. each premise will need a licensed Doctor and pass an on-site inspection by the health government. FRESH MEDIQ has already been through this process and has obtained the new license for the next 3 years. So you can be safe in the knowledge that when you visit their beautiful clinic on Jomtien 2nd road, at the corner with Soi 5, that they already have the necessary approvals and documentation in order.


So What does the future hold for FRESH MEDIQ? Well the most important development is their close association with West Land Herb Farm. Officially certified as an organic medical cannabis farm. What does full certification entail? Well first of all an agreement is made for the farm to buy all its seeds as properly regulated by the Government of Thailand. Then the crop from the farm of 350 rai (with both indoor and outdoor operations) has to be tested to ensure that it does not contain any heavy metals, pesticides, micro bacteria or run-offs from nearby farms. The potency is also then checked to give its full medical grade and can them be sold as Organic Medical Cannabis.

Medical Marajuana of the highest quality from West Land Herb Farm

December 26th 2022 will see the Grand Opening of this farm which will also include a resort and FRESH MEDIQ will benefit from a supply chain that comes straight from the West Land Herb Farm to their dispensaries and then issued to their patients. This will continue to ensure that all patients can get safe, organic product available from Dr Ann and her team in the Jomtien clinic. Or through the Online Pharmacy (as shown above) where you can register, obtain a password and have your purchase shipped anywhere throughout Thailand.

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