All about Thailand snakes Chapter 2

All about Thailand snakes Chapter 2

Preface: In this chapter we have classified the common venomous snakes in Thailand by type of venom and the different effect this has to the human body. As Thailand is geographically in a tropical moist climate, venomous animals are plentiful. There are over 180 species of snakes comprising of strong, mildly venomous, and nonvenomous. Poison effects on people bitten by venomous snake isĀ  consistent. Patients have a high chance of dying unless on time treatment with the right serum is administered. The main problem a doctor or nurse has is correctly diagnosing the kind of venom. In the most cases, the dead body of the snake that gave the bite is brought to the doctor along with the patient, for the proper treatment.

Venomous snakes shall be classified into 3 groups:

1. Neurotoxins or toxic to nervous system: This group of snakes comprises of Cobra, King Cobra, Banded Krait, Malayan Krait.

2. Hematotoxins or toxic to blood system: The group of snakes comprises of Russells’s viper, Malayan pit viper and Green pit viper

3. Myotoxins or toxic to musculoskeletal system: This group of snakes are Sea Snakes.

This chapter is to classify venomous snakes by type of venom that is beneficial for right serum for treatment of snake bites.

Net time we will show you in detail each kind of snake in terms of type, ecology and the chances of encountering one in the home.

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