Kitchen Trends 2023

Kitchen Trends 2023

Open-Concept Kitchens with plenty of seating for the whole family are a strong trend in new kitchen designs. Always a central hub for the home, during the last couple of years the kitchen has become especially important as a family-friendly space. An area to be used not only for cooking, eating and entertaining but also as a “work from home” space or place for the kids to do their school work.

Maximizing light has been a popular kitchen trend for a while now and will certainly continue into 2023. Huge windows, all white kitchens and reflective matte surfaces will all help to boost the glow from the incoming sunlight..

Another important feature are marble or granite countertops. Also large cooker hoods that really make a statement and give a highlight to the room. Open shelving also helps break up the all white look.

Expect to also see an increase in organic, eco-friendly designs. Plastic is out, and natural, sustainably sourced materials are in. The heightened awareness of environmentally friendly design is sure to stay with two-tone wood kitchens gaining in popularity. Also the use of wood, stone, and ceramics that sit alongside, give a fresh, texturally pleasing effect..

Making the most of what you already have can help in a kitchen revamp.With new lighting and cabinets providing great potential in the updating of an interior. You can also make the most of a tight space with a stowaway kitchen where a wooden shutter as shown below can cover a bed during the day and slide over to cover the kitchen at night. These designs are so sleek and minimal that they fit into a standard built-in cupboard. So, if you want to renovate but don’t have much room, consider a space-smart alternative.

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