I’ve lived in Pattaya for more than 10 years but never…BEEN TO A WATERPARK IN THAILAND BEFORE

I’ve lived in Pattaya for more than 10 years but never… BEEN TO A WATERPARK IN THAILAND BEFORE

In a new series of articles we look at what is here, or literally on our doorstep, that we have yet to see or do. In February we decided to visit Angkor Wat, in March we went up 52 floors in the Pattaya Park Tower to dine at their Panorama Revolving Restaurant and last month saw a concert in Bangkok.

This month we decided with soaring temperatures it would be refreshing to head to a water park. Why the first time you ask when it seems like such an obvious solution to keeping the family cool and having some fun in the holidays? Well, over 10 years ago there were stories of problems occurring in some waterparks with maintenance and safety measures not being properly observed. However, by starting with the biggest water park in Thailand we certainly saw that this is not the case at Ramayana.

Safety is a priority at Ramayana, as could be seen when the CEO of the park stressed the importance of this in his speech to us all at the recent Kids Kingdom opening.

Kids Kingdom encompasses 3 brand new zones: Hanuman Splash, Mermaid Lagoon and Rainbow Sky walk. At the Grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony there was an inspection of these new areas and a most satisfying sight: seeing children running in, to try out all the new facilities. Richly rewarding for the Ramayana team after many hours of hard work creating this children’s wonderland, and 20,000,000 baht of investment.

Ramayana not only focuses on safety, comfort and building to international standards. The park also honours Thai cultural heritage with the park’s name itself, inspired by the former King and Rama dynasty. Also, Thai mascots on the signage and “in person” interacting with the park’s guests. Ramayana has been designed to be attentive to the wishes of Thai visitors knowing that “Whatever our Thai guests will like, our International guests will love!”

Safety, Quality, and Customer Care are all extremely important. Most waterparks have areas for kids or areas for older children and then adults but at Ramayana you can share the experience to promote family bonding. In the Kids Kingdom there are extra wide water slides so young children can use these with their parents seated alongside.

There are safety staff everywhere with around 80 trained lifeguards scattered throughout this enormous water park area. Keeping a watchful eye and lending a helping hand when needed. Also around 60-70% of the total area is covered by plants and trees to create nature shade and of course there is plenty of water!

At the Hanuman Splash Zone excitement mounts as the enormous bucket fills up to soak excited guests waiting below . It also makes a fantastic photo site with seats all around and even birthday cabins for private parties. We also spotted a clown making balloon animals and dinosaur animatronics keeping old and young visitors entertained.

At Rainbow skywalk there is an overhead canopy with bouncy mesh to create a safe,trampoline- like overhead walk way.The bouncy rubber surface surrounds, guard rails and ropes also keeping children safe from slipping or falling over at the Mermaids’ Lagoon.

It has all been beautifully designed and is a really pleasant experience for you to try. Take the whole family and enjoy!

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