Gustaf Real Estate

Gustaf Real Estate

The founders of Gustaf Real Estate opened their business in Pattaya in 2020 just as the world was going into the full force of the Covid pandemic. Given the choice, I’m sure they would have preferred not to have that to overcome in their first years of opening. However, they spent this difficult time in the best way possible, by getting to know a lot of the best local developers, doing numerous site visits and generally expanding their knowledge of the market in Pattaya and beyond. The company quickly built a reputation for honesty and integrity and this enabled them to build a good rental business. whilst improving sales for private buyers, even against the background of the continuing pandemic.

Now that the constrictions imposed during the pandemic have been lifted, Gustaf Real Estate finds itself in a strong position to move into the future. This is helped by the fact that the company has extensive knowledge of Thai, English and Swedish languages. Led by Khun Naree, the team continues to set high standards with their knowledge of the market, including information they can offer to buyers with deals on new projects and listings from private sellers. Most importantly, they have an excellent reputation as friendly, honest and trustworthy brokers .

So having established themselves, especially in the Jomtien area of Pattaya with their office on Soi Chaiyapruek, the company has decided to expand. Looking at all the options, they have decided to open a new office in Mae Pim. A beautiful beachfront town in the province of Rayong, Mae Pim is very popular with the Scandinavian tourist market. King Gustav of Sweden has a holiday home by the sea there and once you see the beauty of the beaches and the surrounding countryside, you can understand why.

Mae Pim is also an unspoilt area quickly becoming a popular weekend getaway spot for the people of Pattaya, especially the Swedish contingent. So Gustaf Real Estate’s new office, allied to the already well established first office in Jomtien, will enable the company to reach the Scandinavian markets which favour both Pattaya and Rayong.

With a background of years in the real estate business in both Sweden and Thailand the team of Gustaf have already begun to build up a portfolio of interesting listings in the Rayong area. With very desirable villas, land for sale and even a beautiful beach front resort on their books, the new office location is clearly a natural fit for the company. It is a logical place to expand the business, whilst still offering a first class service in Pattaya city itself and great for people wishing to look at what’s on offer in the Rayong area.

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