10 Hacks To Keep Your Relationship Strong

10 Hacks To Keep Your Relationship Strong

During the month of St Valentine, our attention may be on our romantic partners more than ever. However, keeping love strong needs time, thought and consideration. Here are a few hacks that are easy to do and may just help your relationship stand the test of time.

Show Gratitude

In 2015 a study published in the journal “Personal Relationships” found that the outcomes of relationships can be influenced by the amount of gratitude shown. In other words, saying thank you can go a long way to achieving a positive relationship. Couples who find little ways to show appreciation are more likely to overcome challenges and showing gratitude is one of the easiest ways to make your partner feel loved.

Spend Time Together

Over time it’s easy to drift apart, perhaps as you begin to feel bored and seek stimulation somewhere else?. But by keeping “high quality, time together the two of you can keep connected.” It may require a little more thought and effort than at the start of the relationship but changing the backdrop finding new places that neither of you has been together will help with your collective, shared experiences

Listen to music

To quote the famous opening line from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night: “If music be the food of love, play on”. We’ve all known times when music has been able to change our mood. Putting on a favourite track or one that has special memories for you both can instantly make you both feel more loving to each other.

Hold hands

A study has found that holding hands has boosts closeness between people and can improve your confidence in your partner’s love and support for you. If you’re not a fan of such public displays aor affection you can hold hands in the car or on the sofa while watching your favourite TV show or film.

Give your partner a hug

Touching is probably the most definitive way to let other people know you’re in a relationship and the more you and your partner touch the more you’ll feel comfortable with each other, Hugging offer support, caring and can be calming if a partner is upset or unsure. Every time you do it, you send a positive message to your significant other.

Make eye contact

As silly as it sounds, you can build trust and establish positive feelings just by looking someone in the eye. Make it a habit to put your phone down, take your eyes off social media and look your partner in the eyes especially when dining out at a restaurant.

Every so often take time to do Your Own

Psychologist, Dr Terri Orbuch, found that nearly 30 percent of people who say they don’t have enough privacy in their relationship have reported being unhappy. Rifkin says “We may find ourselves dependent on our partner for our entertainment and happiness. But by making plans to not spend time together, you are giving both people a break. Without that much-needed time apart, you can possibly create unhealthy attachment and codependency in your relationship”. So according to Rifkin, spending time away from each other encourages self-growth and self-reliance, which are essential for long-term relationship success.

Find Ways To Create Positive Memories Together

Try learning something new together take up a sport, hobby or activity as greater intimacy can be achieved when we learn something new as a couple. By trying fun, new things that you both enjoy you help to keep your relationship fresh. Even getting dressed up and going to a new restaurant or entertainment venue can be a change from routine and promote good memories.

Give each other time to express feelings

When you need to discuss serious issues, take turns to say what you think and feel.and give your partner the opportunity to speak.Going on and on about an issue without giving your partner the chance to answer will make them turn off, or even worse go on the attack.

Remember to be kind.

Another psychologist John Gottman found that relationships built to last were filled with kindness and generosity. He says “Happy couples are generous with their time and attention and will show kindness through their words and actions”. Couples consultant Lesli Doares, says “continuing to make the effort to treat your partner well keeps the positive feelings flowing. So treat your partner with kindness and respect at all times.”

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