Modular Build Thailand has the answer

Modular Build Thailand has the answer

Do you need more space? A Guest bedroom? Granny Annex? Teenage Hideaway or Man Cave? Do you work from home and want a separate office space? Modular Build Thailand has the answer. Have you considered trying out a new business? A coffee shop or deli counter? Need space to house an external worker or have a showroom unit for a construction project? Modular Build Thailand has the answer.

Modular Build Thailand has handmake units that can be built to order and designed for your specific needs. You can Transform your available space with our smart and versatile solutions into stylish and functional havens. Units can be customized and rigged for air conditioning with plenty of available electric sockets placed where needed. If required a separate shower room and toilet can be part of your specification. The Modular units are also designed to be portable so wherever you are in Thailand your Modular home can be transported to the site. We will deliver, place and install it so you are up and running and settled in your new unit within days!


Step 1. 

Design: Sit with our Designer and tell him where you want your unit to be delivered, the space

and environment then design the unit to your specifications.

Step 2. Build.

Come and visit your build anytime and discuss any new ad-hoc ideas you may need

Step 3. Delivery and Installation.

We have all the vehicles and manpower to deliver your unit safely and stress free, and install all utilities leaving you with a fully usable extra room. We will be there for you from your idea and design to the installation of your new modular room for your home or business.


We provide the perfect solution to transform your space with our smart and versatile units and can offer a wide range of products to suit your needs. We are a division of a much larger Thai Registered Construction business building homes across Chonburi and selling real estate in Thailand. Units are built right here in Thailand by skilled Thai and European manufacturers. The company’s owner also has a lifetime of experience in Engineering and Construction and over 20 years in the Chon Buri province.

Visit a unit to see the difference in our quality build of Shera Wood with steel reinforcement. Our units have good insulation, lockable high quality windows and sliding doors where blinds or curtains can be fitted We are also available for any repairs or amendments you may wish to make to your Modular home at a later date. Bring more usable space into your life!

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services

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