Exterior Design Trends for 2024

Exterior Design Trends for 2024

Looking to renovate your home this year? Here’s some inspiration for exterior design styles that will be popular in 2024. They include some ideas to elevate your exterior space so it truly functions as part of the home. Perhaps with the inclusion of a barbecue area with an entertaining space large or small? You could also add automated lighting and even a sound system. If you wish to cut down on the gardening think about using shingle, stone or even permeable synthetic turf which takes much less labour to maintain.

Adding to the Outdoor Space

Well-designed outdoor spaces have been highly desirable for years now, but it’s no longer enough to have just a deck with a grill or a fire pit in your backyard. Today’s homeowner wants an outdoor living space that’s customised to their specific needs and lifestyle. That could include pickleball courts, tree houses,even a boat dock

Water Features

The addition of water features such as inground pools, fountains, and small ponds are predicted to be one of the hottest trends in 2024. This is particularly true of features such as natural pools, which filter themselves using plants, and which can enhance your landscaping as well as your use of the yard. Plunge pools or splash pools are also an alternative to traditional pools, so they’re perfect for homeowners with limited outdoor space. Plus whilst being more economical and easier to maintain can still provide all the fun and benefits of a normal sized pool.

Artificial Grass

As previously mentioned in our introductions artificial grass is trending in exterior home design due to its low maintenance needs. It offers a year-round green aesthetic without the need for mowing, watering, or fertilising and can be an eco-friendly option that conserves water, as well as being durable and versatile, in challenging environments where natural grass can’t thrive.

Gazebos and Pergolas

Gazebos and Pergolas for outdoor living spaces have been taking off for the last several years.Driven largely by first- time home buying Millennials who want to make the most of their properties. And this means creating some indoor/outdoor living spaces or adding shelters and roofs to existing patios. This has led to a huge surge of gazebos being added to decks and pergolas to backyards and patio spaces, giving people some shade and allowing greater use of the outdoors.

Mixing Textures

Your home exterior doesn’t have to be all brick, all stone or all wood. Mixing up materials lends visual interest. You might also consider board and batten, metal roofs or metal awnings. Or consider the use of colour for wood accents such as eave brackets, window accent brackets, and porch headers. Of course the easiest change can be a change of door colour and when it comes to the hottest front door colour, blue doors in all shades and hues are beginning to pop up everywhere.

Geometric Windows

Another emerging trend is to opt for no trim on windows, which yields an incredibly clean look. People are adding larger sized windows where typically they were built much smaller, to create a larger, sleeker, cleaner look. Additionally, geometric shapes, from ovals and octagons to half moon shapes are being used instead of the usual squares and rectangles. Also from full walls of glass to floor-to-ceiling windows and mostly glass doors. As people continue to prioritize good indoor-outdoor flow and a strong connection to nature, glass will grow in popularity as a building material.

Homes that are designed to support the health and wellness of the people that live in them are very important. When remodelling or carrying out any sort of work on your existing home don’t be afraid to make inspiration boards, grab paint swatches, and go out to see the materials for yourself.


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