by Gloria Jones

Anyone who has lived in the UK and been for a bit of a “session” or a pub crawl with mates, knows about the type of food you absolutely crave at the end of such an evening. Sometimes you will all stagger into the nearest Indian restaurant for a “Ruby” (curry). Then ask the long suffering waiter (because you’re all just a bit loud) for “The Helicopter” (metal, rotating sauce and relish server) as you devour the poppadoms and await a fiery main course. Or, you may catch the light of a nearby Kebab shop and decide that a takeaway Doner with plenty of chilli sauce is just what will hit the spot.

Now a Doner should not be confused with a Gyro which is Greek in origin, a Shawarma (from the Middle East) or the Thai street stall kebab which is usually chicken.salad and mayonnaise rolled in a wrap and silver foil. A Döner Kebab is a dish that was originally adapted by Turkish immigrants for the German market and is traditionally made from strips of lamb roasted on a vertical rotisserie. Served in pide bread (similar to pita but thicker in texture) it may be accompanied by slices of tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, tzatziki (yoghurt and cucumber dip) and the aforementioned chilli sauce. Not as easy to eat on the move as the Thai version, it is however, far more satisfying.

So Sharples here in Pattaya have wisely decided to help us with our nostalgic memories and produce their own Doner Kebab. It also gives us all another reason to call in to any of their 3 restaurants for another reason rather than just to enjoy their excellent Fish and Chips. As it is a new venture they are of course keen to get it just right and authentic to our memories of what a good kebab should be. So all you Egon Ronays out there give some constructive advice via their Facebook page and your comments will be welcomed.

So go try it yourself available from 3pm at Sharples UK Chip Shops and look out for the Monday Special Meal Deal which includes chips and a drink for 299 baht.

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