By Dilan Sarac (Executive Director of The Superyacht Life Foundation)

The Superyacht Life Foundation is a non-profit that has created World Boating Day to open the leisure boating sectors to the public and change perceptions of the yacht industry. We plan to hold World Boating Day across one weekend a year and the first edition will take place on the weekend of May 25-26. This global initiative is designed to help grow all levels of the industry and serve as a global celebration of the leisure side of water and the joy of being out on it.

The aim is for local, regional and national organisations and companies across the leisure boating, yachting and superyacht sectors to engage with and educate the public. We want all sectors to introduce what boating is, how accessible it can be, the positive impacts the industry can have, and the career opportunities it offers.

This unique experience will bring industry professionals and the public together on an unprecedented scale in a celebration of everything boating and everything that the industry behind it offers. Over the coming months, The Superyacht Life Foundation will be working with industry bodies and other professional organisations to encourage participation from all levels of the marine leisure industry.So, whether you work for a shipyard or sailing school, yacht club or yacht dealer, marina or a maritime organisation, World Boating Day presents an opportunity to join forces as a leisure boating community, organising local events that make waves for a global cause.


The idea of creating an internationally coordinated event stems from simple but key aims. First, by educating people and getting them enthused about boating and being on the water, World Boating Day aims to open new channels for people to discover what recreational boating is all about. We want to build a pipeline of engagement and spark a passion in potential leisure boaters, potential yacht owners and potential industry employees.

Second, World Boating Day is an opportunity to showcase the extraordinary breadth of career opportunities and depth of talent that exists within the yacht and superyacht sectors. This can help attract the next generation of employees, from trades to engineering and all the other facets that go into designing, building and operating leisure boats and superyachts.

Lastly, it gives the boating industry asa whole and the superyacht industry in particular an opportunity to pull back the veil and to show the human and positive-impact sides of yachting and the industry behind it. In turn, this can help change perceptions of the industry and broaden its appeal through increased understanding. At The Superyacht Life Foundation, we see the potential for this initiative to grow exponentially year-on-year, so people all over the world will be able to learn more about boating and the careers that the marine leisure industry and superyachting offer.


The concept for World Boating Day encompasses a broad range of potential activities, from invite-only events, public open days, employee days and career days to try-a-boat initiatives, sample watersports lessons,interactive yard experiences and virtual tours. This is our chance to show that boating and yachting can be for everyone, whether it’s sailing schools offering sessions on sailing dinghies or superyacht builders giving a behind-the-scenes peek at the extraordinary number of trades and craftspeople involved in the industry. The only limits are your own imagination on how you’d like to take part. While the organising team encourages all boat, yacht and superyacht builders, yards and companies to open their doors, the event will also incorporate online activities and participation for those for whom live events are not practical.

The Superyacht Life Foundation is preparing advice, guidance and practical materials for participants that will include materials, ideas and overall PR management, while we can also help attract visitors through a central platform we’re creating.

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