Why Jewish Deli food is so Delicious!

Why Jewish Deli food is so Delicious!

What makes Jewish Deli food so Delicious? Well, the affectionately termed Mrs Salty of London Beigel and Salt Beer Bar will proudly tell you it’s because it’s made with love. During a recent Pattaya Trader YouTube filming at The Plantation Estates, we were lucky enough to sample some amazing Jewish Deli food and see for ourselves how right she is.

Everything we sampled was fresh, wholesome and yes you could taste the homemade love in each bite. London Beigel doesn’t just do bagels though – of which we sampled, Classic, Onion and Seeded with 3 accompanying sauces – my favourite being the Schmear. They also have an amazing 70 pages of food available to order on their website.

We were there to taste some well-known Jewish favourites, many of which I had heard of but never eaten. For example, I found out that Gefilte fish does not refer to the name of a fish but is a dish of poached deboned fish. Latkes a type of potato fritter I had tried before but not with a complimentary apple sauce as well as the sour cream. My absolute favourite though was the Matzo Ball soup, an unbelievably tasty chicken soup with dumplings – you’ve heard of a Jewish mother’s chicken soup being able to cure all ills – well I could just feel every spoonful of this doing me good!

We were encouraged to enjoy some amazing salt beef and pastrami sandwiches, even a deliciously grilled Reuben and finally when we were all crying out for doggy bags, some burnt cheesecake!

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