Interior DesignTrends for 2024

Interior Design Trends for 2024

Now is the time after decisions were made for in-home offices or cosy nooks for cocooning, to take your interior design to the next level. Designers are setting a focus on previously underestimated areas of the home such as the hall and already searches for ‘handmade’ and ‘eclectic interior design vintage’ are growing. Plain white walls are still out, but so are slick, high-gloss finishes that can turn any room into a hall of mirrors.Lacquer now gives way to brushed or hand-applied finishes, like Roman clay or limewash. Also texture is important such as patterns in wood that are three-dimensional or floors of ceramic and terra-cotta that have geometric texture that changes when you introduce light into the picture.

Brown Will Be A Statement Colour With earthy browns and rich terracottas that bring comfort and create a welcoming atmosphere, not only will these colours be seen in textiles but also in furniture and paintwork.The trend for exposed brick and metal fixtures making way for softer, more natural styles using wood, wallpapers and ceramics

In the bathroom designers are predicting a pause from technology with its harsh blue lights and bright touch screens. Instead, without the buzz of tech bathrooms there’s a return to a more Victorian sensibility. Also embracing nature with the use of large windows that invite the outside in as you start your day renewed and focused.

Also Chartreuse Chartreuse is a bold, energising colour that is about to have its moment in interiors and fashion. My tip for incorporating chartreuse into an interior is to avoid going full neon,” McCauley notes. Avoid going to the acid green or day glow neon and instead go for lime colours that will lift and refresh your interiors.For example in the bedroom with this Chesterfield-styled headboard in Chartreuse against a navy blue wall to showcase the elegance of the colour.Or with the use of splash back tiles in the kitchen to add a highlight. Unexpected Murals Often ignored but frequently used, a stairway is the perfect place to hint at the beauty to come within your home. Murals are expected to make an appearance in unexpected places such as foyers stairways and halls,

There will also be a rise in sustainable materials especially for unique pieces like seaweed lamps, even furniture collections made from recycled cardboard.

Inviting Living Rooms Minimalism has evolved into a look less rigid and more warm, organic and inviting.Warm, textural spaces with natural materials in earthy colour palettes move away from whites and greys toward creams, browns, and rusts. 2024 will be a year of personalised eclecticism with a mood for more personalised spaces and people incorporating antiques and pieces passed down from the family alongside new pieces. Also in furnishing curves and softer shapes meeting straight lines a mix and balance that makes a space interesting.


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