Mexican Monday

Mexican Monday at the Sportsman

The Sportsman just keeps going from strength to strength. Arguably best known for its Sunday carvery, which in our opinion is not at all arguably the best in town, it is good to see many others share our opinion.On the day Discover Pattaya were at The Sportsman David and his team were reeling from an exceptionally busy Sunday-their most successful since records began! But we were not there for the carvery, which we reviewed recently (still available to read online at No, we were there for Mexican Monday!

It was pleasing to note that they have gone for a Monday rather than usual Taco Tuesday Mexican evening. With a recently renewed menu available throughout the week, on Mondays you get a 10% discount on all 6 dishes plus a Margarita is only 99 Baht – heaven! With so many years of experience not just with their Sunday Carvery, general pub grub and catered party food, the Sportsman team can really turn their hands to anything. However, they will only publicise new ventures once they are absolutely sure they have got it right as is the case with their Mexican food that the Discover Pattaya Team were delighted to try Quesadillas crispy on the outside and juicy, melt in the mouth inside. These were delicious! Chilli Con Carne another star – has some heat to it but most importantly the red kidney beans are soft not hard and indigestible as can sometimes be the case Sizzeling Fajitas succulent Chicken with tasty peppers served with Plenty of sour cream, Guacamole is soft and tasty not just hard and cubed as has sometimes been the case with Mexican food in Pattaya Tortillas these mouth watering beauties are nice and soft and loaded with plenty of Chicken and cheese.

Fiesta salad has chicken that is generously coated with Cajun spice and interesting salad not bland but full of crunchy vegetables and well coated in dressing – great portion size as with all the dishes The Loaded Nachos are apparently already a best seller and they are loaded! The melted cheese, onions and salsa veg + Jalapenos, and sour cream don’t just sit on the top but are right the way through. Margaritas no great Mexican meal would be the same without being complimented by a great beer or Margaita. Often my favourite drink for the occation and along with some traditional South American folk music these beauties really brighten my day. Often when you find cocktails at a reduced price the quality suffers, but I’m happy to say that at the Sportman their mixologist does an exellent job at creating a both pleasing and reasonably strong version. Served to us by a friendly member of staff we felt very welcomed.



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