O.M.G. It’s Christmas Again – Barry Upton

O.M.G. It’s Christmas Again – Barry Upton

In the early naughties, the girl singers from my U.K. party band ‘Wild at Heart’ kept nagging me to write a Christmas song, something I had been trying to avoid my whole career.

I had always been a fan of ‘The Waitresses’ song ‘Christmas Wrapping’ because of it’s alternative take on the whole seasonal debacle including a decent amount of appropriate sarcasm, something I had always had about this annual event anyway. The party and social aspect of the festivities was never a problem for me but the conditioned expectation was something I hadn’t felt comfortable with for many years.

So, it was from this mind set that I bowed down to the pressure being placed upon me and relented to composing a possible future Christmas classic. Well, Noddy Holder and Roy Wood have earned well from their annual substantial songwriting royalties.

An amusing line kept going through my head which had a double meaning – ‘I’d like to give you one for Christmas’ meaning Christmas presents. However, in the U.K., there was an alternative meaning which had a more sexual connotation and it was up to the listener to choose which meaning their mind would put to the fore.

I wrote lyrics for the verses with more double entendres and the song was really making me laugh. The girls in my band loved it so we made an appropriately cheesy video to accompany the song, named the artist (which was us) ‘Hotpantz’ and, lo and behold, a record company saw the potential and immediately signed the record asking fans on their website, is this song ‘Hot’ or is it ‘Pantz’?

The video subsequently went on to be played by all the major TV pop channels and during Christmas week registered as a top 5 HIT! It still receives play every year.

The lyrics of GIVE U ONE 4 CHRISTMAS –

It’s the time when every year we get excited
And I’ve got a gift for you so be delighted
It’s better we believe, to give than to receive
In small or large amounts
It’s the thought that always counts

I’d like to give you one, I’d like to give you one,
I’d like to give you one for Christmas
I’d like to give you one, I’d really love to give you one,
I’d like to give you one for Christmas

It’s the time when we all get a few surprises
And they come in different shapes and different sizes
I’m hoping it could be, you’ll appreciate from me
Something not to be rejected…Oh baby please accept it

I’d like to give you one……(etc.)

Under the mistletoe, we smile and say ‘hello’
One kiss and there’s no turning back
Here’s something I want you to have

  • And have I got a gift for you!

Check out our hit video on YouTube –

I also recently wrote another Christmas song with more satirical lyrics which expresses my true thoughts on the festive season called ‘O.M G. It’s Christmas Again’.

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God It’s Christmas again
Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God It’s Christmas again

Peace and love are in short supply
Santa can’t do everything
He cant provide what the world needs now
So all we can do is smile and sing

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God It’s Christmas again
Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God It’s Christmas again

Not everybody has the money
To spend on what the TV sells
So they max out their credit cards
Enjoying the sound of Jingle Bells

Same old, same old Xmas songs
Snow falls while the children play
Eating and drinking far too much
Oh I can’t wait for Boxing day

So give me a present and a Xmas greeting
And I’ll be filled with Xmas cheer
Its the thought that counts, just remember that
For sure it’ll be back in one year – Ahhhh

Please check out the song and video (made right here in Pattaya) by going to YouTube –

‘O.M.G. It’s Christmas Again’

I wish you all….peace, love, and a lot of merriment.

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