He Deserves a Medal

Disclaimer. Any similarity to any person/s or events you might have heard of are entirely coincidental. The characters depicted in this story are figments of the author's imagination.

Joy marched through the door of Barry's bar. Quickly looking around she picked out, and picked on Barry.

"Barry, you see John, ka?" she asked. It was spoken in a not so pleasant manner, more as an order than a favour. In fact the voice didn't match the petite thirty-something good-looking Thai female frame it came from.

Knowing better than to get on the wrong side of this explosive package, Barry answered "He was in about an hour a go Joy and then he went off down the soi."

"Who he with?" demanded Joy.

Medal"No, he was alone, just drinking a beer. He looked a bit sad really." responded Barry.

Then spotting Les sitting at the corner of the bar Joy changed target. "What you say Les? Who John with? You know he butterfly. Tell me who. I kill her."

"You no lie me Les." Joy ordered. "Why you say you no see but Barry say he here before. Maybe I tell all people you have small dick. How you like that?"

"I'm not lying Joy. I wouldn't do that to you. I haven't been here long is all."

Joy walked to the toilet at the back of the bar and flung open the door. The toilet was empty.
"See he's not here Joy." said Barry.

"OK maybe I go look other bars and Patpong, but you see John you tell him I look for him OK? You say he come back or I make big trouble." demanded Joy.

Both Les and Barry quickly agreed to this demand. Joy left the bar and started to walk down the soi.

"Keep an eye on her Tim and see where she goes." Barry told Tim who was sitting by the door reading his Bangkok World.

Young Jamie who wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth jumped straight in. "What's this about a small dick. How would she know? That's what I want to know. I can't believe you used to go with her."

"What makes you think you know Jamie? Look Joy wasn't always married to John. Do you think she was born married to John or what?" said Les who was getting a bit flustered.

"She really was something ten years ago wasn't she Les?" asked Barry rather whimsically. "One of the best looking girls on the soi." and after a slight period of reflection, "But always mad. A right nutcase."

"Yes Barry, and it was always going to be a brave man to marry her, and John took it on with his eyes wide open. In the army he would get a medal don't you think?" answered Les.

Jamie feeling a little bit ignored butted in. "But why would anyone want to marry a girl that behaved like that. I think John should take a belt to her and show her he's the boss. I don't understand you guys. Why didn't you just tell her to get out instead of sitting there trembling?"

"Jamie have you ever disturbed a hornets nest?" asked Les.

amie nodded and Les continued. "Well you know what it's like when the more you thrash out the more the little buggers sting you. You have only one option and that's to run. Well that's what taking on Joy is like. She would spit you out in no time at all, so all you can do is run like hell."

Barry chimed in. "Do you remember when she poleaxed Polish Jack, Les? Poleaxing a Pole get-it? Ha-ha. That was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Jack was lying on the floor of the Joker Club clutching his groin and his mouth moving without any sound coming out. Man that was scary. All he did was tell her to find someone else to bother."

"Yes, not a woman to be taken lightly and she doesn't have a lot of forgiveness in her nature. She didn't speak to me for more than a year when I didn't take her out after the second time. I've got to admit she's far too much for me"

Barry nodded obviously thinking of his own experiences.
"You're a bunch of pussies." said Jamie. "If she is so bad why have you guys ever gone out with her? It doesn't make sense."

"Well Jamie there's a little lesson there and I'm not even going to charge you a beer for it." said Les. "You see when she's good, she's very, very good, but when she's bad, get out of the way. Either way, if you heart can take it, it's a roller-coaster ride that you will remember for your whole life. But you see Jamie it's unlikely you will ever experience it as she has John and I can only respect the man for now having been married for almost six years."

"And incredibly brave too." added Barry. "Being prepared to put up with this in order to have a few beers with his friends. Which reminds me Tim, what's Joy doing?"

"She looked in a dozen bars Barry and the she got a taxi at the end of the soi. I guess she's going to Patpong now." answered Tim.

"Right." said Barry. "Better go next door and tell John he can come out of the toilet now. I will get him a fresh beer. He probably has an hour before he has to move. Are you going down to Patpong with him later Les?"

"Yes she should have left by then. As long as John stays out until after she has gone to bed he should be OK. That's what I'm saying anyway. See it's easy to be brave for someone else Jamie."