Help  If you are regular reader of the Pattaya Trader and Property Trader you will know that I make constant appeals for you to support our advertisers.The magazine is (for the moment) a free publication, paid for entirely by the people who buy advertising. Without their support we couldn't publish the Trader.If you are going shopping or need a service or whatever it might be, please visit any advertiser who is advertising the product or service that you need in the Pattaya Trader.These companies support you by paying for the magazine you enjoy. It's only fair and correct that you give them a chance to get your business.Another request !! ... Please would you let me know your feelings about the content we are currently publishing. by that I mean is there any content you particularly like or dislike. If there is content being published that the majority of the readership feel is not what they want, we can discard it and publish other content. It's very difficult to keep producing the magazine without any reader feedback. It only takes a few moments of your time to send an e-mail to us at: . I will always reply to mail and I would really like to get some idea of how you feel.
Many thanks. - Phil Asst' Ed.