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Yoga with Sasicha

By Belinda Wilson

One thing’s for sure in the months I have been visiting Yoga Pattaya it has really developed into a proper centre complete with a great relax room and comfy bean bags, a great place to chat with friends, before or after a class. Upstairs there are large comfortable studios airy and spacious with great ambiance and it was to one such studio that I went on Wednesday at 9 a.m. for Sasicha’s beginners class. I’d remembered to bring my water, towel and yoga mat (but don’t worry they have plenty of mats available if you forget) and I was pleased with a gentle start of shoulder, neck and of course breathing exercises. We then built up to balancing and the classic yoga poses. For those of us not quite so steady there were nearby walls on which to lean and I noticed with interest that we were all given belts and boxes, doubtless for use later in the class.

So, on we went with our “Downward dog” and plenty of other bending exercises to get the blood flowing to our heads. It’s amazing how much of our day is spent with the heart having to constantly pump blood upward to the brain so there are many health benefits to reversing this even for just a while such as reducing stress and improving blood flow to the face and scalp.

Soon we were told to use our boxes – or at least one putting it between the knees to firstly help give support and then assure our feet were the prescribed distance apart. Then for those like me who have quite short arms both boxes were used to provide a raised area on which to lean.

Throughout the class Sasicha gave gentle instruction sometimes with just a touch to imply greater effort required or suggest that limbs could be straighter. Then a gentle press down or twist to get us Into the correct position which made me think how amazing it is that you can think you’re doing fine and how easy it all is, until your teacher puts your body into the correct position and then you feel the burn.

But all in all the class was not a painful experience especially when at the end of it we lay on the floor with our eyes closed practicing our breathing as one by one we were treated to a soothing neck, arms, and shoulder massage with invigorating Tiger balm.

Another thing’s for sure – all yoga classes would be so much better if they ended this way !