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The Perfect Golf Swing

Dear golfers,
I welcome you to another edition of the TPR monthly golf tip.
After we talked about the grip in the last issue, we will now talk about "posture & set up".
A good golf swing in general is based on turning around our spine. To be able to do that we need to be in a good posture. Here is how to do it (7 Iron)

"How to be perfect everytime"

The easiest way to get a fundamentaly sound "set up" is doing it step by step.
1. Stand up straight with hands on the golf club, arms in front of your chest, inside of
biceps on the side of your chest, golf club pointing up at 45 degrees. Clubface is square pointing vertically down (12 - 6 on a clock).
2. Feet shoulder width appart and the golf ball should be slightly in front of center stance. Parallel to your target line.
3. Bend from your waist forward keeping your back straight "(not rounded) and push your butt backwards. (you might feel like a Duck for a moment).
4. Now let your arms and club hang down from your chest and slightly flex your knees to ensure club touches the ground just behind the golf ball.
5. Check! Shoulders, fore arms, hips and feet are all parallel to your target line.
6. Find your balance by sensing that you are distributing your weight throughout your entire foot. Only your toes should be able wiggle abit.
7. Last but not least "RELAX", let your body feel soft and light. Tension kills any chance of making a good swing and getting solid contact.

"No GO!"

Never ever do we want to make a sloppy posture.
The top players in the world all work on their set up everyday. If they do it...so should you!
The worse our position at the start the more will you struggle to get club swinging on plane and consistently through the ball, down your target line.
If you follow our steps it should be easier for you to get a good posture and set up.
We hope that this months tip was usefull and that we will meet one day at TPR Golf Academy to improve your golf.
See you,
Tyrone Renggli
Head of Instruction
TPR Golf Academy