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Fundamentals of the Back Swing

Dear Golfers,

Thanks again for taking your time to read through our instruction.

This week we will talk about the back swing. Probably the most talked about topic in the

golf swing. In the next few photos I will show you, what we at TPR believe, to be the

simplest way to make a good and solid back swing. This is essential to make a simple move

downwards to the ball and through to the target.

First step is always a sound set-up and to stay grounded in balance.

One piece take away

Notice how my shoulders and arms form a triangle taking the club away together with body


Shaft is parallel with the ground whilst my toe of the club points up and we are able to see

the club face and its grooves. The key move here is to set the wrist correctly at start to

keep the face square.

Plane check

As you can see here my club head and hands are matching up in on line. This ensures that

we are on a correct plane. Now we are not to far inside or outside of our plane and it makes

it alot easier to set the club back into half way up maintaining a good plane.

Half way up

Here you can see that my club still points down at the ball, again ensuring a good plane to

turn everything into the top. My hands are in front of my chest and upper body, this way we

will always have enough room to swing the club up and down. Otherwise we might get stuck

on the way down then compensate for it through the ball.

Top position

Now we are looking pretty good. My club face is nicely hidden by the shaft of the club being

square, my left arm is nice and straight forming a line with my shoulders, right elbow points

down to the ground. Now we are ready to swing this power package down correctly.

But this will have to wait till the next issue.......stay tuned!

See you next month...


Best regards







Tyrone Renggli

Head of Instruction

TPR Golf Academy