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Down swing & follow through 

Dear golfers we wish you all a happy new year! 

Thanks for looking into our monthly TPR Golf Tip.

Last time we looked at how to build a proper simple back swing.

Today we will be looking into how to get the golf club down and through the ball into a balanced finish.

1. Transition: how to start down

TPR GOlf 1
Once we completed our back swing, we now initiate the down swing. This is one of the most crucial parts in our swing and determines our rhythm and plane coming into impact.
You can see how my club remains behind my hands and the grip is pointing down at the ball. This is a must for us to strike the ball crisp and long and approaching the ball slightly from the inside. 
My weight is pushing down into the ground to ensure creating ground fonce and stability to maintain my body angles.
TPR Golf 2
Here the shaft matches my right fore arm, pelvis has rotated left, weight is still pushing down creating a stable environment. This way we can open up and turn freely through the ball allowing the club to swing down the target line and unleash the power to strike the ball.

3. Impact

TPR Golf 3
Here you can see that my left foot is still down, lower and upper body are open and have turned left to allow my arms to come in front of my body to accelerate the club through the ball down the target. 
Notice how my shaft and left arm match up in a straight line, like we would hit against a wall.
This gives us a stable club face and loads of power through impact ensuring a center strike.

4. Follow-through 

TPR Golf 4
Now this is something I see nearly 90% of the regular amateur golfers NOT do. Extension of our arms down the target and around the body.
This is a sign of power and control in a golf swing. It will create centrifugal force the will bring you around into a balanced finishing position.
TPR Golf 5
Thanks for reading our monthly TPR Golf Tip and see you next time!
Best regards,
Head of Instruction
TPR Golf Academy