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I don't think 2017 was such a great year for films - with a couple of exceptions there were just too many remakes and films with “people flying around”. Yet this year - just before the lead up to The Oscars some really great films have materialised:

Darkest Hour, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and The Post to name just three.

The beauty of well written, well acted and well crafted films like these, is that unlike the big 3D adventures and spectacular movies like Black Panther, they are the type of films that can be enjoyed at home.

I also really enjoy watching the award ceremonies themselves from the Golden Globes, BAFTAs right through to the Academy Awards they are tremendous fun especially if you are with friends cheering on your favourites. So what better way to view than to gather around the TV and get a good home delivery pizza ?

Fire and Stone I’m very pleased to say can deliver their delicious pizzas right to your door. You can choose a Medium 12” or even go for the Large 14”

I would definitely recommend their Quattro Formaggi because you can absolutely taste the quality of the four different cheeses used, no cheap processed slices here. Also their Salami Piccante is just that, great and peperry and piccante with the mozzarella tomato and pepperoni winning combination going down extremely well with a beer or two !

A new one on me was the BBQ Chicken this was extremely saucy and delicious with plenty of shredded chicken and onion. All the pizzas arriving fresh and warm with bases that were just right, not too thin and crunchy but not too soggy either.

Fire and Stone are at 1/13 Pattaya Klang, (right next to Alibaba) should you feel like collecting but you don’t have to you can call through your delivery on 038 427 011. Or even go to their Facebook page @fireandstonepizzeria to place your order,see the menu, and check out any promotions.

These delicious pizzas are also available via the Door To Door delivery service:

Or call 038 720 222

So what are you waiting for ? Have a Pizza and a Movie night real soon !