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How about lunch at Alibabas?

By Gloria Jones

When I lived in the UK going for “An Indian” was usually given over to a late night slot, it was the “after the pub treat” and as such groups of us would usually head to our local restaurant around 10 or 11 pm. Here in Pattaya when sunset is generally between 6 or 7 pm an early evening meal at Alibaba can be a great start to the evening or can round off a visit to the cinema really nicely. However, have you ever thought of going there for lunch? We had and so went along to see what the restaurant’s charming manager Mr Manju would recommend for us.

As we’ve mentioned before you can do no wrong placing yourself in the hands of the experienced waiting staff at this restaurant they are hospitable and extremely experienced. Mr Manju for example has been at the restaurant 13 years so really does know the menu inside out and I have to say his selection was delicious.

We started with poppadoms accompanied by a great selection of chutneys and sauces and my favourite red onions. Then perfect vegetable samosas tasty, satisfying and perfectly cooked with a crunchy carrot, tomato and cucumber side plate to make us feel really healthy.

Vegetarians fare very well at Alibaba’s as was seen in some of the dishes in our next course. The spinach with paneer was my absolute favourite so delicious and creamy and the “Ladies fingers” spicy Okra came in a close second. With fluffy white rice, chapatis and a great chicken curry just the way I like it with thick,smooth sauce -this was turning out to be some lunch ! All washed down with the perfect accompaniment of Cobra Indian beer

Alibaba is a picturesque restaurant displayed by everything from its surroundings, the waiters’ costumed attire right through to the pretty china and crockery presented with our ice cream and coffee. You really do feel that you are stepping into a fairy tale cave of treasures and they even have a private dining room available that can seat parties of up to 20 .

For those of you who have yet to try this long established Pattaya institution you can find Alibaba in its enviable location on Central Pattaya Road ,very close to Beach Road. Look for an exterior reminiscent of a stone cave invoking thoughts of the famous Ali Baba and the forty thieves legend and climb the stairs to the first floor dining area with its opulent gold ceilings. The restaurant can seat over 200 people but the seating layout with its comfortable booths really gives the impression of intimate dining.

Whatever time of the day or night you decide - the restaurant is open from 11 a.m. until midnight - when you go to Alibaba Tandoori and Curry Restaurant you’re in for a real treat !