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The only 100% Philippine cuisine restaurant in Pattaya is Boss King

A brand new restaurant opened on 23 October in Pattaya, behind Big C Extra across from the Family Mart. Owned and operated by Gabie Rawat and her husband Boss King, who is from India and works in Saudi Arabia. They both love Pattaya but Philippines food is a necessity so they opened Boss King, offering over 200 menu choices and a small sari-sari store inside a beautifully appointed restaurant that comfortably seats 40 people. Gabie and close family live upstairs so boast the restaurant is a 24/7 restaurant just like the Family Mart across the street. Occasionally they may be out shopping so to save disappointment I suggest you call first: 03841456. If your favorite Filipina dish is not on the menu, given a little notice I am sure Gabie will order it for you.


I had a Filipina wife (Rita) and my favorite dish was the whole banana eggplant, squashed, dipped and battered in egg batter then pan fried with a little Soy sauce. My first time in Boss King it was what I ordered and the second time and the third time and the fourth time. Did I mention I really love that dish?


One of the difficulties I have is since Ritzy Rita abandoned me for someone with a bigger wallet and I no longer have a Filipina wife or girlfriend I cannot translate Tagalog but thank God Gabie had the presence of mind to do a picture menu for illiterates like me and maybe you.


I hope by next month to have a suitable replacement with Amorous Alon from PI to help me with my reviews but a temporary replacement was found in Real Estate Rose whose services were graciously provided by her loving fiancé Ted. If you need any Real Estate help I can recommend her highly. Email me for her email address if you want.


For our first visit to Boss King Gabie put together 4 set menus for us with 5 or 6 items all starting with soup, salad, main course, dessert, some including rice and spring rolls. Our price that night for any of the sets was B250 or B280 before our 20% discount.


I chose the B250 set (being the Frugal Freddy that I am). It consisted of vegetable roll appetizer, chicken soup with vegetable, beef broccoli with side of rice and Halo Halo for dessert. Real Estate Rose chose a more expensive choice which was B280 before discount but since I am the last of the big spenders I let her take that one. It consisted of six items starting with Pork Sinigang, vegetable salad, Pork Shanghai, rice and Jello for dessert. Needless to say she could not finish it all and took some home for Ted to have for breakfast. Next day he reported that it was great also.


Another B280 set started with Chicken Soup, Vegetable Roll, Lechon Paksiw Sotanghon, rice, vegetable with coconut milk and Fruit salad with coconut for dessert. The last set, also at B280, which many people ordered based on my recommendation of the eggplant in egg started with carrot soup, followed by pork Sinagang , eggplant with egg, rice and Jello for dessert.


Some other items that I will be trying when Amorous Alon arrives will be things like Bulalo (B 290 for one or B330 for two people), Bonis (B190), Pork Chili (B150), Chicken Afritada, Beef Nilaga (B190), Bicol Express (B190) Large bowls of soups and vegetable are only B90 some of which are on my list to try on my next visits include Ginasang Monggo , Karekare, Pinakbet, Dinengdang. Don’t ask me what they are, I just look at the menu pictures.


Boss King being a 24/7 restaurant has a lot of inexpensive complete breakfasts and over six omelets to choose from and prices start at B90 with unlimited refills of freshly brewed coffee, so if you are not sure of Filipino food, and are not real daring I guarantee you will find a breakfast of your choice on the extensive breakfast menu.


I can assure you no one left hungry and many people took home enough for a meal the next day. With all of the Filipinos and Filipinas in the Expat club groups Boss King is a welcomed member of the Frugal Freddy club. Drinks are very reasonable, including my favorite Red Horse beer. A large bottle is B72 after discount. A large selection of beers both local and imported varieties are on offer at similar low prices.


Gabie has agreed to waive the B150 corkage charge if you just say Frugal Freddy sent me and bring your own favorite bottle of wine or even champagne. Gabie has the appropriate glassware for any drink. She sets an elegant table with beautiful tableware, glassware and dishes, the only thing missing for a romantic dinner is the candles and if you ask I am sure she will provide those also.