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Android App Reviews



Chess for Android.

   Is there anyone who doesn't know this game ? Surely not. However in the rare chance you don't, nows the time to learn.
This free app. is a game of skill, The game will teach you to play chess as it's just like the real thing. Every piece can move. Selecting the piece you want to move on the chessboard will reveal all the possible moves the piece can make. So, there's no mistakes made and an opportunity for 'Checkmate' is never missed. Feature allow you to undo and redo every move, permits you to understand any mistakes made and to retry. There are Eight levels of difficulty. This game will soon allow you to challenge Boris Gelfand.


     A very simple app and so useful. This  app . makes  it  possible  to create a list of notes and then give them different colors to better indentify their priority. You can also set a reminder (by alarm) on every one of your notes. The notes are readable in two ways. The first, by running the app, we can see all the notes created with the possibility to edit or delete them. The second, to show them on the desktop device screen. How? Easy, by creating a widget. Keep your finger pressed on an empty area of the screen and in the menu will come, select a Widget. You can even password protect your notes. You'll love it.


Super Stickman Golf.

      Golf was one of the first sport to be converted for Videogames. The oldest  I know is on the Atari  2600 in 1980.  Long time ago !  Over  the years I have played many versions of  this sport . First  with  a joystick ,  then using the mouse and now the touchscreen. With  this  latest one , the  golf  seems  to have  found  a perfect system of control.Thisgame  is  a  bidimensional  golf  course where the holes are positioned in lovely  unreal  landscapes .  33 courses and many many holes will allow you to enjoy this great game for hours. The music of the intro is reminisent of the old videogames. It's amazing that such a high  level of quality  game is given  free!  A different golf. A must.