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Habitus Condo Development Going Green

Habitus condo development in JomtienThe Habitus development in Jomtien is going green with four environmentally-friendly initiatives.


The three uniquely-designed buildings - connected with tranquil gardens and water features - are being constructed using prefabricated Eco wall. This is an insulated wall designed to trap cool air inside and keep warm air out, thereby reducing the amount of energy expenditure required with air conditioning.


The windows will also be covered in a transparent film design to reduce the amount of heat entering the room. Some figures suggest a reduction in heat penetration by up to 80 per cent.


Solar panels have now been added to the plans for the 212-unit development. Fitted to the roofs of each building, the power they generate will be used to light the public areas, which include underground parking, three resort-style pools, hydrotherapy spas, gymnasium and the lobby. The energy collected by the panels will also be used, should it be required, to heat the pools.


The biggest saving on energy use and, therefore, money on electricity bills will come from the dual-save heat recovery air conditioner system. The system not only reduces the energy expenditure (and, therefore, running costs) by up to 25 per cent, it takes the hot air produced by air conditioning fans and channels it into a heat recovery unit, where it can be used for water heating. The heat can even be stored for up to three days for later use.


Other bonuses are that this system drastically reduces warm air emissions and require less space when installing the complete units.