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Once in a Lifetime Part 4 – Let's build a House

So after 3 articles in The Pattaya Trader about what to consider when planning and building a house, in this Part 4 and not for the first time, we describe how we connect a customer with a constructor. How we then planned the house with him, supervise the construction and hand it all over as a turn-key project - with outstanding results!

This particular job however, was not that easy as the customer had bought a plot of land within a gated community. It had direct access to the beach so as you might guess was quite expensive but it was not that large being only 260 sq. metres. Within this plot the client wanted their house to include a private pool, a carport, 2 ensuite bedrooms, a large kitchen, dining and living area, a storeroom, guest toilet, terrace and still have some space left for plants and trees. Therefore. it took several meetings before everything fell into places and the customer was happy. We also had to make several different floor plans to work with because walls had to be moved - luckily only on the computer!

As we have previously mentioned in our earlier articles, here in Pattaya we live in the tropics and as hot air rises this means that ideally the ceilings of our houses should be as high a possible. This also gives a positive side effect as rooms appear to be larger with high ceilings! Our customer took note of this and also opted for walls built with ytong stones (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks) to keep the home as cool as possible.

As the climate in Thailand is also perfect for Indoor – Outdoor living we combined the guest toilet with a building containing the pump and filter for the pool. This was a bit of a compromise due to the fact that the plot was rather on the small side but again there was a positive side effect. namely that it would allow people coming out of the pool not to have to come inside and wet the house when the needed to use the toilet.

A third bedroom would have been possible if we had downsized the other rooms but this would have been a bad compromise or would have been at the expense of the carport. Actually this house is situated in a purely residential area so really there would have been no problem parking two cars on the road in the front of the house, but the customer decided that really only 2 bedrooms were needed and so we built the car port.

Then there was the question of a flat roof! This can be a problem in Europe even with highly qualified workers and the use sophisticated building materials - so how to do it in Thailand? We decided the answer was to build a flat roof that is “not a flat roof”! The customers wanted the house to look modern, timeless and geometric and so we built high edging with a hidden roof that had a slope that would be invisible from the outside. We also used pipes with an especially large diameter for good water drainage.

As regards the the finishing touches the tiling, built-in furniture and windows there were no problems with these as they would all have passed even the strictest of European building standards - nothing to complain about there!

In total it took 9 months from our very first meeting until we handed over the keys. Our customer was delighted with the end result and we also gave the added security of a one year warranty. The warranties we give are not only given on paper but also through the knowledge that we keep our promises and return if necessary to repair any small snags that may occur after the building has been completed. However, I would have to say that with all our projects here in Thailand I have seen considerably fewer of these than I have initially expected and in fact less than I experienced during my time in Germany!