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Sai Sin

Relatives, friends and well wishers will tie white string around the wrists of the couple for good luck, these should be kept in place for no less than three days to benefit from the good luck wishes.

Preparing The Bridal Bed

This is an old fashioned tradition in many rural areas, the bride and groom find an old couple sitting on the bridal bed. This is to symbolise a long, happy and fruitful marriage. Many items representing long life, prosperity and fertility are placed on the bed, and for these symbols to have effect, the couple must share their bed with them for a minimum of three nights.
As beautiful as a traditional Thai wedding ceremony is, it has no legal standing in Thai Law. For the marriage to be legitimised under Thai Law, it has to be registered at the office of the District Registrar (Amphur Office), You can register the marriage in any Amphur Office, by taking along the required paperwork, an appointment is not usually required.
Whilst no one enters into marriage with the thought that it is going to fail, it is worthwhile considering the implications, if at some point in the future you consider divorcing. Under these circumstances having made a ‘Pre Nuptial Agreement’ with your partner can save a lot of problems, and these days is a wise precaution to take to protect your assets acquired prior to marriage. This is a legal document, and of course should be prepared by a person qualified to do so, one should also make sure that your partner completely understands the terms of the agreement, by having copies prepared in both your native languages, this way a partner could not argue in the future, that they did not understand the contents of the agreement they were signing.  
There are numerous resorts and companies offering really great wedding receptions and accommodation.  There are literally too many to even list so we have picked one such resort offering what is probably a typical  venue and cost breakdown.



Baht 75,000 Includes :

Thai Wedding Decorations & Set Up :
Magnificently elaborated decorations using stunning floral displays in traditional Thai style.
Beautiful wedding garland for the happy couple.
A Wedding Blessing Certificate proclaiming the union of the bride and groom from our Resort.
A Thai Master of ceremonies leads you for the Thai style ceremony.

Long Drum Procession :Phi Phi Island

Traditionally in Thailand the wedding starts with the Long Drum procession. This involves a long line of drummers, accompanied by bells and cymbals, moving through the resort to the bride’s room. The grooms, friends and relatives join the procession, along with ‘maids’ in traditional Thai costumes, carrying symbolic gifts. It’s rhythmical, colorful and a beautiful event by itself. The bride is then invited to join the parade to the Thai style wedding pavilion.
Thai Wedding Ceremony & Water Ceremony Highlights :
Buddhist monks chant prayers for the couple, blessing them with health, happiness and prosperity.
The bride and groom kneel together to be draped with holy string to symbolize their spiritual union.
Sprinkling of jasmine water.
A conch for pouring lustral water. One by one the wedding guests pour a conch shell full of holy water over the couple’s palms, each guest giving a blessing or congratulations to the couple as they pass.
Planting of a wedding tree, to symbolize your union.
Your Thai style wedding will be a day to remember and the management will ensure the style and beauty of the wedding that will be beneficial to the couple.

Complimentary for Bride & Groom :

Welcome drink on your arrival.
A fruit basket on arrival in your bungalow.
Breakfast in bed on the following day after ceremony.
Flower decorations in the bungalow on your wedding night.
One bottle of sparkling wine to cerebrate in your room on the wedding night.

Extra Charge as an Option :

Additional Pink Lily bouquets Baht 2,000 net per piece
Orchid bouquets Baht 1,200 net per piece
Lily corsages Baht 400 per piece
Orchid corsages Baht 170 net piece
Celebrate the Wedding with dinner on the beach in a romantic and tropically mellow setting surrounded by colorfully muted lights, and the balmy dialogue between the ocean and the palm trees. You can soak in these timeless moments following the sunset while enjoying a delicious meal of your choice. Your options of a steamed seafood basket, Thai Favorites or a Western set menu. Baht 1,490++ (Baht 1,755 net per person)
A superb 3 tiers wedding cake weighing 3 lbs. Will be created by our Pasty Chef for Baht 5,000 net
We offer professional make up artists and hair stylists to transform the bride or bridesmaids. Baht 12,000 net per person