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Green Pattaya

The Founder of Green Pattaya decided to do something for the Mapasha Busha day last week and cleaned the entire Kasetsin Soi by himself.

Why did you do it?

I felt like a doing something showing people that being a good buddhist is not only going to the temple and giving food to monks it is about so much more.

How did people react?

Many people have honked their horn, giving me the thumbs up and some even stopped talking with me.

You mention someone taken photos with you?

Yes it gone viral on some internet forums getting 1000 of likes from Pattaya people who are tired of rubbish around the city.


Some might argue that the rubbish will just return in a few month?

See that's the view we need to change and by showing people that anybody can just start picking up rubbish you might change a few people at the time.

Did anybody react in a negative way?

Yes some lady who lives in the area thought I did since I was homeless and she asked if I need a place to sleep. She said to me it was to hot and not good for me to do it. After a few days coming back each day she now greets me with a wai and gives me water.  So i at least I change her in a positive way.


So whats next?

I will finish the main street and then move on into the small sois. I hope I can be finished before Songkran this april. After that I talked to City hall and we are planning to put some rubbish bins around the area. I am not sure why there is no rubbish bins here but there must be some reason.

How can we report people whom dumping rubbish?

If you see someone with a truck dumping rubbish, call 1337 and report them. Please take a photo if you can.

How can we help?

Green Pattaya welcomes any donations of cleaning material, dog food, machetes and plastic bags, if you do not see Khun Neo cleaning, (he is mostly there in the afternoon), you can give it to the Thai couple selling gasohol at Kasetsin soi 1 or contact on

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