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5 Things you can do for a Greener Pattaya

“Even the largest avalanche is triggered by small things.”

Vernor Vinge

Pattaya may not be the “Greenest” city but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the dream of a clean paradise. Going “Green” in Pattaya sometimes requires a little more creativity than many expats are used to. Green Pattaya and Pattaya Trader are now working together to help make Pattaya a little Greener one less plastic bag at a time.

1.Empty Water Bottles are a menace to nature and a huge source of plastic pollution on land and in the ocean, of course in Thailand we still need a constant flow of clean water for cooking and drinking. Installing a water filter at home and reusable bottles for when you are on the go is both cost effective and saves the environment. Did you also know you can save money, contribute to charity, and drink clean water by purchasing a drip water filter from the Pattaya Rotary club? They sell a very good drip filter and it works without electricity. Each unit costs 2000 thb (half the money goes to buy filter for families in Thailand who can not afford it) and they will last 5 years. If you order through Green Pattaya we will come and set it up for you and show you how to use it.


  1. Say no to the extra plastic bag in 7/11 or any convenient store also say no to straws and extra plastic spoons.

  2. If you have a garden, grow trees not grass, how often do you actually sit on the grass anyway? Buy big leaf trees for maximum coolness and shade. You will notice the temperature goes down inside and outside your house. If you live in a condominium ask the caretaker if they have a rooftop garden and if not can you arrange one? It will save your house thousands of Baht in cooling costs per year.


  1. If you have a garden, make a compost from an old rubbish bin, just make some holes in the bin and start putting all your vegetable inside. You will not notice any smell unless you put your head above it and there is always space for more. In our garden we keep refilling the bin everyday and have never had to empty it for two years now. This can reduce the garbage you send to a landfill by as much as 50 %! For the rest of your food rubbish put a bowl out for the dogs in the area, they always need food and a fed dog is a happy dog. You will also help reduce the mounting rubbish mountain in Pattaya.

  2. Recycle more, there is always trucks that goes around and collect all kind of plastic, metal and glass. If you do not want to collect rubbish in your garden just sort the garbage out before you throw it out. The collectors will quickly learn you sort your trash and gladly take your recyclables. For example do not mix coke cans with an old diaper. Most garbage collectors open your bag before throwing it and you make their life more easy and save the environment. . If you live in a condo you can give a bag of collected cans and bottles to the cleaning lady or security man. 99 % of them will gladly collect it to make extra money.


Green Pattaya and Pattaya Trader are working together for a greener Pattaya for everyone. For any furniture clothing, electric items, kitchenware you want to through away, contact Green Pattaya we have a number of local charities that are in need of these items and there is no need to throw it away.