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The Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) meets every Sunday at Amari Orchid Resort's The Tavern by the Sea Restaurant at the northern end of Pattaya Beach Road. For more information regarding not only the PCEC Sunday meetings, but also the large number of mid-week activities, visit the Club's website at www.pattayacityexpatsclub.com. The website also has useful information about living in Thailand and about Thai immigration and visa requirements. If you would like a copy of the Club's weekly Newsletter emailed to you, you can subscribe by visiting the Club's website.

The meeting atmosphere is always relaxed, informal and friendly with everyone being welcome. The format of the meeting is similar each week. There is usually a guest speaker, sometimes more than one, on topics of interest to Expats. In addition to announcement of forthcoming events in and around Pattaya, the Open Forum, which follows the regular program, is always a lively and entertaining session, when questions can be asked or information exchanged about Expat living in Thailand and Pattaya in particular. If you weren't there, here are the highlights of the meetings for each Sunday in March 2012 – the Club's Newsletter on their website contains a more detailed description of the presentations.


Independence to publish what you want and how you want was the message from author Mo Tajani (pictured above) at the March 4 meeting. This was the primary difference he found when he chose to publish his latest book as an eBook (digital format) and marketed it on the Internet. Unlike dealing with a print publisher, with an eBook he described how the author has total control. It is the author who decides on content, illustrations, photographs, book cover, and how it will be marketed.

Gem fraud and how to recognize it was the topic at the March 11 meeting. Peter Marsh with Black Star Jewelry spoke extensively about how to recognize both fraudulent and low quality Corundum (rubies and sapphires). He provided illustrations of the various rubies and sapphires describing the characteristics that separate the genuine from the fake. But, prior to his presentation, he explained his sponsorship of the K C Dance Studio and brought several children to entertain everyone with a few dance numbers, which was enjoyed by all.

The topic at the March 18 meeting was about cancer. Dr. Iain Corness (right) with Bangkok Hospital Pattaya introduced Dr. Chanawat Tesavibul, M.D., Radiation Oncologist, from Wattanasoth Cancer Hospital in Bangkok . Dr. Iain prefaced his remarks by noting that "cancer" is a word, not a "sentence." Dr. Chanawat provided information about the various forms of cancer and identifying those that are the leading cause of death; lung, stomach, liver, colon and breast cancer. He mentioned that cancer can be reduced and controlled by implementing strategies for cancer prevention, early detection of cancer and management of patients with cancer. He emphasized that cancer can be treated, especially if caught early.

The topic on March 25 was beer. Bangkok author Christopher G. Moore, well known for his Vincent Calvino private eye books, was the speaker. Always entertaining with his wit and humour, he described his latest book, "The Wisdom of Beer" and how he came to write it. The story takes place in Pattaya and involves a Foreign Tourist Police Volunteer, the Cobra Gold Naval exercises, a planned heist by Thai and Russian mafia types of a warehouse full of arms, and an ancient Chinese formula for Hell Beer, which is a closely guarded secret passed down from father to son. Christopher concluded by noting that he is currently writing another novel in the Vincent Calvino series, which will take place in Burma (Myanmar).