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Key Visa Monthly Visa Tips

Key Visa

Welcome to Key Visa’s monthly visa tips. The last few months have been very busy with visa changes and updates. Unfortunately it has been a difficult few months with political turmoil, but it has not stopped visa changes or the daily lives of visa consultants. In this issue we have picked some of the changes that we feel is most important to our readers and residents.

  1. If you are in a foreign marriage and living in Thailand on a retirement visa with your same Nationality spouse, then the last few months have been a bit stressful with numerous changes to the financial rules. Since I have been a visa consultant it has always been the rule that only one member of the relationship had to show the monies in the bank or a monthly income or a combination of the two as long as you had your original marriage certificate in Thailand. A few months ago it was announced that the new rule was that both members of the relationship had to show the financial criteria for the retirement visa which sent most into shock and I am sure some sleepless nights. But I can now confirm the rule is that the financial requirement only has to be shown by the husband, either the money in the bank or the income or a combination of the two and it has to be solely in the husband’s name, not in joint names or a joint pension, but in his name only. So do as they ask and also show your original marriage certificate and your wife will be given the visa as a dependent or as we like to say “piggy back”; but ladies make sure you hide the ATM cards ha ha ha.

  2. The procedure for applying for a British passport for your Thai child or classed as their first passport is still becoming majorly difficult with many applicants being turned away from the Embassy due to lack of documents or wrong documents. You must remember that the passport must be applied for direct to the British Embassy in Bangkok and they will send to Liverpool once the documents have been checked and verified. The latest rule imposed is all documents must be copied in colour, including every page of the passports and also you must make sure any Thai paperwork must be translated and certified. Adding to this, the British Embassy require colour copies also now of the translations so make sure you give the original translations and a set of colour photocopies.

  3. Holiday makers arriving in Thailand on a 30-day visa on arrival and tend to travel on visa runs to Cambodia across land to extend their visa then shortly there is to be a cap on how many times this can be done. It has not been announced yet but we believe that it will be capped to four trips in total. If you are in Thailand on a visa type obtained from a Thai Consulate overseas e.g. Non Immigrant Multiple visa then this rule will not apply.

  4. As we are all aware if you live in Thailand on most long stay visas e.g. retirement visa, if you reside in the Kingdom for 90 days or more you must report to the Immigration Bureau every 90 days to give an address confirmation. So make sure you take accommodation confirmation but please try not to be late when reporting or you are going to face a fine even if 2 days late so make sure you mark it on a calendar, then no excuses to lose money.

If you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact us at info@keyvisathailand.com