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In Pattaya it was bad but …

… did last week’s floods in the Thailand resort town really deserve to be declared to be tagged as a “disaster area”’?

No, according to at least one real estate agent in the town.

He told Dot Property Group: “I witnessed the worst rainfall in the 17 years I live in Thailand last Wednesday evening. Luckily my own property wasn’t effected by the rains but those of many of my acquaintances’ were.”

Perhaps more worryingly he said: “The disturbing truth of the matter though is that it’s always the same areas that are troubled. Some streets even carry nicknames like Soi Nam (Soi Kauw Noi).

“The question must be if any drainage system is able to cope with such amounts of water.”

Pattaya is not unique in terms of failing to disperse water quickly in the event of a sudden deluge, and Bangkok residents will testify to parts of Sukhumvit and Silom being literally swamped in recent weeks and months.

The good news is that, according to every agent spoken to by Dot Property Group on Monday, things in Pattaya are very much back to normal, and were within just a few days.

“Although I have seen quite a few ‘water damaged’ properties, we have not seen any increased demand for short-term rental properties at all.

“The declaration of Pattaya being an official “disaster area” is complete nonsense, and as life returned to normal within days,” the agent added.

The past few days in Pattaya were warm and sunny.