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By Kevin Cain


“What people want is a comfortable home with the best quality and design”, this was a quote from the CEO of Global Top Group, Mr Yigal Yonah Heli.

What Yigal expressed was that most condo and house buyers’ desires are practically the same. Yes, there are particular nuances from one person to the next but basically home buyers desire the same thing. That is somewhere that is comfortable and practical to live but with quality build and eye catching design. And to date Global Top have delivered on all counts. Their seven developments have been designed to complement their environment and with careful consideration of everything a homeowner might need.    

Of course the build quality and design of any Global Top Group development is renown throughout Pattaya but just as much care is taken in the selection of the location where each development is situated. Global Top do not just buy up random plots of land as they become available. The location is one of the primary driving forces for the design of build and the necessary amenities.For lovers of city living there are projects such as City Garden Pattaya, Olympus and City Tower. These are situated with perfect access to shopping, dining and entertainment. They are also just as importantly near hospitals, schools, transport networks and every amenity needed for city living.

However some people buy their property as a retirement home or choose for a more laid back lifestyle and perhaps their preference may then be for a property near the beach to enjoy a rather  quieter lifestyle. The locations of Paradise Ocean View, City Garden Tropicana, City Garden Pratumnak and The Cloud developments have therefore been carefully selected because they offer everything such a person could  want. Besides building high quality condominiums with a vast array of facilities in the best locations in Pattaya, the Global Top Group also offer management services that cover your property for rentals or reselling. The company has maintenence services with high standards to ensure that the property will be well maintained and to continue to grow in value.

Global Top do not simply sell as many units they can to faceless people, they understand their clients needs and service them appropriately. A client is a customer for life and Global Top fully understand this. As a consequence Global Top will facilitate the whole process by offering a comprehensive approach when helping their customers make the right choice.

So how would you select the right property developer to go with? If your criteria  includes -reliability, experience, outstanding projects in terms of design and build, loan support, financing, customer satisfaction and after sale service, value for money, assistance and guidance through the whole process, then there is really only one company to consider and that is Global Top Group.