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Effective Marketing for the Realtor Wanting More Business - Part Three

By Glenn Cowan

In the third and possibly the final installment of our feature around the “Realtor Wanting More Business” we turn our attention to the harnessing the power of links from other websites.

Getting in front of “ready to spend” potential customers can be one of business life's hardest challenges.However, for the clever marketer who can manage to achieve this it can be an extremely powerful medium. Even more so if you are able to do it before a customer actually searches for the goods and services that you provide. So without further ado, let’s dive into some of the best ways of creating that new business that your crave so much…

Banner Advertising

It’s likely that at some point in time you have clicked on a website banner or advert. You might have even done so unconsciously (I don’t mean after a session at one of Pattaya's finest bars by the way!)

Having your banner on a busy website is usually a highly effective way of driving new customers your way, especially if it is from a website that has a thematic link to yours. People that visit sites from others that are in the same or very similar industries have a much greater likelihood of converting. So it perhaps goes without saying that getting your banner on an “industry related” site is going to be a good plan.Even though this might cost you a little more the potential rewards are there for all to see.

Here are a few things to consider when looking at banner advertising:

  • Make sure that you don’t “over-cook” your offering

  • Get your corporate branding right

  • Split test your banners if possible


Over Cooking isn’t Required!

While it is tempting to lure as many visitors as possible it is important not to overstate your offering. For example, if you don’t have Condos for Rent at 9,000 Baht per Month then don’t put that in your banner advert. Stick to an offering that you can match up with, this will help conversions and give you a better platform to measure the effectiveness of your banner.Little point in taking people to your site under false pretences. Doesn’t do anyone any favors!

You will want to make sure that your shiny new banner matches up with your corporate branding - this will help conversions as users will more likely click on one if they recognize who it is from.Split testing a few different banners will give you the opportunity to understand which ones convert the best. This is highly recommended, especially if your are committing to a longer term banner campaign.


Let There be XML

If you are looking for another great option then you might want to consider creating an XML feed for your property listings.This popular method will give you the opportunity to “export” your property listings onto a portal type site.The beauty here is that if you partner up with a site that gets a good volume of visitors then you are exposing yourself (keep on track please!) to a huge number of potential renters & buyers.

Apart from a little amount of work required at the outset the whole process of XML feeds is pretty much automatic. Once you put a new listing on then it will get added to the XML output file and find it’s way onto the portal site.Visitors to the portal will search in the normal fashion, but will see your contact details for particular property listings that you have supplied.

Inter Industry Links

You might also want to consider generating content that provides visitors with valuable localized information. Very often these pages are the ones that get indexed by search engines and can bring in high quality traffic to your website.The advantage here is that while you produce content for your own site you can also give yourself a great opportunity to gain a link from another thematic website.For example, you might be covering some of the best restaurants in your local area. If you are able to put the content together well then it could also be that one or more of the local restaurants could be persuaded to feature / showcase your content. Think about the things that your potential customers will do, what are their interests likely to be, what specific main services will they need on a regular basis, where will they go to hang out?

There are countless opportunities to provide great content for your website, while at the same time building strong relationships with other local service providers.If your content really does hit the spot then it is likely that you could expect to see traffic coming from some of the social media channels. It’s definitely a win/win for all concerned.


What About PPC?

While this article focuses on links from other websites it would be remiss not to cover the benefits of a PPC campaign.Without question the most popular format is utilizing Google’s own AdWords platform.For the best results you might want to consider an agency to handle the setup and or management of your campaign. This will give you more time to concentrate of converting the new enquiries that you are getting.If you are looking for highly targeted advertising then PPC could be what you need. The advantages here is that you can control exactly when your ads show and to whom.

Some realtors are able to switch off their rental ads when they have enough enquiries to work with, allowing them to keep generating sales opportunities from their other ad streams.If you are worried about the costs of PPC advertising then you should also know that you can target the lower cost phrases and avoid some of the more expensive generic terms. The good news here is that not only does your budget stretch further, you will also likely benefit from better converting clicks too.

Hopefully, you will now have a better understanding (especially if you have tuned in for all 3 episodes) of how to generate more new business Even if the market seems to be a little quieter than you would like.

If you have any questions for Glenn concerning this article or in fact the previous 2 in the series you can send them to him via pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com